Whole School Initiatives – Month by Month

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Pictures – '10@10' – GP Room (wet days)

December 2017 & January 2018

In December our whole school initiative was 'Wake Up and Shake Up'.  Each class was encouraged to put  15 minutes aside each day to wake up in the morning time or give ourselves a little shake throughout the day when the learning became heavy. This proved to be a great way to recharge batteries and get ready for whatever the busy school day had in store! This ran alongside our Drop Everything and Run Initiative.

Pictures – 
 'Wake Up and Shake Up'

November 2017

In November as a whole school we launched our 'Drop Everything and Dance Initiative'. This was where we encouraged all classes to Drop Everything and Dance at different times throughout the day. Drop Everything and Dance was used as a reward for good behaviour and of course dance offs were encouraged! This ran alongside our Drop Everything and Run Initiative.

Pictures  – 
'Drop Everything and Dance Initiative'

September & October 2017

We launched our Run Around Europe Initiative. Our Active Committee measured the yard and 10 laps of our yard is 1km. Each class is encouraged to run laps (Drop Everything and Run) everyday and build up the distance they can run over time. Every Friday, the Active Committee members go around to each class and calculate the total number of laps ran that week.  The feedback from this initiative has been great and some classes are now running 20 laps a day!

Pictures – 
Run Around Europe Initiative