Task 2

Here is Task 2 of Build Your Own Country Project

Task II: The Map

Create a map of your country. Your map must be on an 8 x 12 piece of WHITE computer paper – lined paper, construction paper, or crinkled up papers will not be accepted. I suggest using pencil for the map portion of the assignment. Be sure to include the following on your map in order to receive full credit, (while these pieces are mandatory feel free to add other map features as you please ):


§A key representing – mountains, bodies of water, desert, rainforest, etc.

§A compass rose showing the four cardinal directions, compass should be in either upper left hand corner or lower right hand corner.

§Your nation’s capital city

§At least 5 other cities

§Any mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, rainforest, desert, etc. – bodies of water, deserts, forests, etc. should have names! Ex: Lake Erie, Amazon River, Gobi Desert, etc.

Also there is no pressure to get these activities done, I'm just putting them up in case you feel like doing them.

Mr. Moloney