SPHE Resources

Busy Bodies

4th to 6th Class

Busy Bodies Adolescent Development Programme provides information on the physical and emotional changes that children may experience during puberty, to reassure them that puberty is a normal part of growing up.  Busy Bodies is a useful resource to help support both teachers and parents in providing information on puberty to children aged between 10 and 14.


Scoilnet SPHE Page

Infants to 6th Class

A small number of resources to support the SPHE curriculum including the Webwise programme


Tools to Stay On Task

Class Level:  Everyone, including adults

Tools designed to help a person work steadily for a set time interval, then take a five-minute break. These programs can help students eliminate distractions while they work by blocking access to content that isn’t used for learning.

Block Site (Chrome Extension)

Stay Focused (Chrome Extension)

Strict Workflow (Chrome Extension)