SMARTboard Tips


  • Recommended text size is 22 or bigger.
  • It’s handy to customise your text, choosing fonts, colours and sizes you use most often. To do this select text icon – properties – text style – save tool properties.
  • Handwriting can be converted to text by clicking on your piece of writing and choosing Recognise Text. Text can be cloned and you can check spelling in the same way.
  • You can drag and drop text directly from Word or the internet straight onto your Notebook page. This text can then be customized by selecting the text and resizing.


  • To erase all of your writing in one go, simply draw a circle around everything with your eraser and click in the centre.


  • You can customize your pen also. To do this select the pen icon –properties – change thickness/colour- save tool properties.

Magic Pen

  • There are 3 features of the Magic Pen.
  • Handwriting will disappear after about 10 seconds.
  • If you draw a circle using the Magic Pen, a spotlight will appear. You can move this spotlight by dragging the blue line, enlarge this spotlight by dragging inside and you can turn off the spotlight by clicking the red dot.
  • If you draw a square or rectangle using the Magic Pen it will magnify or zoom in on the area selected.

Line Tool

  • Again you can customize your line tool in the same way. Options which are useful are the hour and minute hand and a label for diagrams.

Screen Shade

  • We use the screen shade to mask information and reveal it as we wish to our students. A screen shade can be used to shade part of the screen also. Just double click/tap on the shade for it to conceal everything.

Rub and Reveal

  • Rub and Reveal is an exciting way to reveal answers on your Notebook page. We can use this method to reveal answers, clues, make a cloze procedure, reveal county names on a map etc.
  • To do this Select the pen tool – Properties – use eyedropper to choose the colour of the background – choose an appropriate thickness – now colour over the writing you would like to conceal. The students can then use the eraser to reveal the answer.


  • Images can be dragged into a Notebook file from your Gallery or the internet.
  • By selecting the image and clicking the drop down menu you can flip the image, clone, infinite clone, change image transparency.
  • You can fade an image (maybe for a background) by selecting the image – Properties- Fill effects – Image transparency.
  • Drag you favourite images into My Content to create your own personal bank of images.

Screen Capture

  • There are 4 options on the screen capture tool.
  1. 1.Area capture
  2. 2.Page capture
  3. 3.Full screen
  4. 4.Free Hand Lasso


  • Sounds can be linked to images/ pieces of writing on your Notebook file. Select the image – click the drop down box – sound – browse for the sound you would like to link – choose whether you would like your sound to be played by clicking on the image or icon in the corner ( I usually link it to the image)
  • When you click the image the sound will play, click again and it will pause.
  • To link a song from a CD you will need to convert it to an mp3 file. This can be done easily using iTunes. Download iTunes. Put in your CD. Click on Import Settings, Change the Import Using to mp3 Encoder and Import your CD. Now when you browse in Notebook you will find your CD in Music, iTunes, iTunes Media, Music, Click on CD and choose your song.


  • You can link a website in the same way. Select image/writing, Drop down menu, link, copy and paste in the web address you would like to link.

Notebook Icon

  • By selecting the Notebook Icon (looks like a washing machine symbol) on the bottom right of your screen, many of the Notebook features can be used on any page. If you click this icon and Other Smart Tools, you will see Screen Shade, Screen Capture, Magnifier, Spotlight.


  • A table can be added by simply using the table icon.
  • When we drag and drop an image into the table it will automatically resize.
  • When we drag and drop handwriting or text into the table it will automatically resize.
  • To add a table shade, select all of your table by dragging over it. Click on the drop down menu and choose table shade.
  • To add a cell shade, right click in your cell and choose cell shade.
  • We can merge cells and add colour also.


  • Images, writing, titles etc. can be grouped by selecting all and then clicking the drop down menu, group/ungroup.

Ordering – Moving back to front

  • There are layers in a Notebook file. It is recommended to start with your background and build from there. However sometimes we would like to put a shape behind a piece of writing or something similar. When we draw our shape the writing disappears behind it. We can change it’s order by selecting the object, drop down menu, move to back/front.


  • When we would not like the images/writing to move, we can lock them in place. To do this select the object, click the drop down menu, lock in place/unlock.

Pin page

  • When we choose Dual page view we can Pin a page. This means that our pinned page is always visible as one side of our dual view as we flick through our other pages.