Short Story Competition

Logan Dunphy from Mrs Landers’ 1st class won 3rd prize in a short story competition for St. Patrick’s Day.
Huge congratulations Logan. Your story is wonderful, we are very proud of you!
Have a read below:

I will never forget what happened on St. Patrick’s Day 2020.  It was a year where hugs were not allowed and we had to social distance from our family and friends.  This year there would be no parades and no Irish flags flying, it was all a bit sad really.  So instead, I sat on my couch getting ready to watch some Irish parades from around the country on the television and feeling very bored and fed up.   


As the music started, I could see something flying by the corner of my eye.  It was a bee but a bee like no other I had ever seen before.  This bee was green, white and gold….could it be that I was seeing an Irish Bee!! What happened next was even more amazing.  The bee buzzed in front of my face and said “hello little boy, would you like to come on an adventure with me?”.  I was shocked but also amused as his voice was squeaky and funny.  I said “Yes, I would love to come”.   


Next thing I remember I was lying in a field of green grass and the sun was shining bright in the sky, but what was even stranger was that I was now the size of a bee and the bee was the size of a human.  The bee said to me “hop on”, so off we flew through brightly coloured fields as I held on tight to the bees antennae.  We whizzed so fast past cities and rivers it was like being on the fastest most exciting ride at Disneyland.  I cheered and I laughed and the bee joined in when he saw I was having such a great time.  The bee then dropped down a little from the sky until we were flying past hundreds of houses and looking in the windows as we flew by.  In each house were families all together, laughing, talking and holding each other tight.  Then the bee said to me “You see, even though things are not normal this year, there is still joy to be found within the four walls of your house.  Never feel bored about it because all you need is love and health and safety and everything will work out fine.”  Suddenly, the bee flew straight back up into the clouds and I fell with a thud.   


Next thing I remember is my mum picking me up off the floor as I had fallen from the couch and she hugged me tight and kissed me and asked was I okay.  I hugged her back and said “Yes, I have never felt better” and I hugged her tight and from that day on I never complained of being bored again.