History, Geography and Science work for the following 2 weeks 

23/3/20 – 3/4/20

Week 1/2: Project Based on a European Union Country of your choice. This can be completed over a 2 week period with adequate detail. 30mins a day would cover all aspects. 

Complete a project based on an EU country you have chosen.Complete this project with text using your computer or handwriting your project it can come in poster or book form.

Parts of your project:

Front cover: Name of country and your own name. You may include decorations and designs,

Fact file: Give key information based on the country [ capital city, currency population etc]

Geography: Explain where your country is located, size of the country, mountains, rivers, lakes, border countries, surrounding seas and oceans. 

Flag of the country: Explain what it looks like and give some history about it. Include a drawing of the flag.

History of the country: Important people and events that occurred in the country.

Climate Type: What is the weather like? The seasons? How does the weather affect the people?

Food and Drink: Find details about famous dishes and drinks. Include images or drawings, recipes or menus.

Culture: What language do the people speak in this country? What are their past time or customs? 

What famous people are associated with this country?

Simple Science experiment: 

Light Refraction 

Youtube clip with more information before you begin


A sticky Note/Piece of paper and stick with sellotape

A Marker

An empty transparent/clear Water Bottle


Image result for simple science experiments

Draw 2 arrows on the sticky note. Each arrow pointing in a different direction.

Stick the note to a blank wall

Next fill up the water bottle with water and put on the lid.

Now slowly move the water bottle in front of the sticky note.

Record what you see.

Write 3 to 4 lines on what happens as you move the water bottle in front of the paper with arrows.