SESE Resources


·         History: Research your Family Tree or reate a Family Crest

·         History: The story of ‘The Salmon of Knowledge’ and ‘The Children of Lir’ (these myths/legends are widely available online)

·         Geography: Homes: e.g. different types of homes; different homes around the world; different materials needed to build a home; draw a map of your house, garden and surrounding area.

·         Geography: Weather: Keep a weather diary every day

·         Geography: Research and write 5 sentences about  ‘Spain’ using the following headings: find it on a map, countries bordering it, weather, main cities, foods grown, customs, tourism/holidays

·         Science: Investigate the life cycle of the frog and the butterfly



Practice life skills

·           Make their bed

·           Clean their room

·           Make their own breakfast/lunch/snacks

·           Help prepare dinner

·           Ste the table

·           Wash and dry dishes

·           Fill/empty the dishwasher and put dishes away

·           Sweep/vacuum the floor

·           Help with the family pet

·           Help water flowers and plants

·           Grow some plants/seeds

·           Help put away the groceries

·           Know how to make emergency calls