Science Week – Experiments in action!!!

Science Week – Experiments in action!!!




A Super Cool Lava Lamp.  Well done!! It looks fantastic!


A cool Volcano experiment from a boy in Mr. Moloney’s – Well done.  Super Science in action.


Well done on this wonderful Lava Lamp experiment…

A cool video of a cool experiment next.  Elephant Toothpaste!! 

Well done our next scientist who did a wonderful job of making his lava lamp.  Super!!

Our next scientist is Patrick from Mr. Kelly’s 6th Class.  Patrick tried out the Leakproof Bag experiment and here are the results.  Well done Patrick!

Another excellent experiment by a boy in Mr. Moloney’s 6th Class who made a lava lamp.  Well done!  I love your title and method. Super work.

Well Done to a boy from Mr Barry’s 6th Class who sent in this video of his exciting experiment! Watch until the end!

Our next scientist is Darragh, again in Mr. Barry’s 6th Class who tried out the Leakproof Bag Experiment.  Great work Darragh!

Another Super Scientist – Cian, in Mr Barry’s 6th Class shows us how pepper (representing Covid 19) reacts before and after we wash our hands. Very interesting Cian!

Well done to Rhys in Mr. Barry’s 6th Class.  Our 1st scientist.  Your Lava Lamp looks great!