Sacred Heart Church

The Church of the Sacred Heart was blessed and opened by the Bishop of Waterford and Lismore, Most Rev. Dr, Michael Russell on Sunday 21st December 1969. Seven priests from St. John’s Parish concelebrated the mass. The Scoil Lorcáin Boys Choir sang in the church and was conducted by Rev. Brother Doherty. Mr. Flynn, the Principal of our school served as an alterboy on that day.

Originally the people who lived in St. John’s Park were part of St. John’s Parish. After building our new church in 1969 it was decided in 1974 that we should have our own parish with the name of the Sacred Heart. Some people in St. John’s Park can still remember the little tin chapel which was in the grounds of the Ursuline Convent. This chapel was built in 1956. Before that people had to walk to St. John’s Church to attend mass at a time when there were no cars or buses on the road.

Facts about the Sacred Heart Church:

* It can hold 1500 people and cost €195,000 to build.

* The land was given by St. John’s College.

* The stained glass panels represent, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

* The Alter is made from Wicklow Granite.

No one in the church is further than 9 rows from the alter.

Sacred Heart Church, Feb 2005.