Questions for task 1 of project

1. What is the name of your country?

2. Where is your country located? Be specific

3. Describe the physical geography of your country: Does it have mountains?, Is it an island?, Is it landlocked?, Does it have multiple regions? Etc.

4. Describe the climate and vegetation of your country: What kind of weather does your country normally get?, Is it cold and snowy?, Is it dry and hot?, Is it wet and humid?, Is it a tropical region?, Is it a desert?, Does it have rain forests?. Remember to take your countries physical geography (aka where it’s located on the planet) into account when discussing its climate.

5. Describe the population of your country: Where do people live?, why do they live there?, Does your country have a huge population or a very small one?, Is your countries population growing? Why or why not?, Do people in your country migrate a lot or do they stay put?

6. Describe your countries cultural traits: What kind of work do they do?, What are their beliefs?, Do they have any interesting ways of doing things?, What kinds of food do they eat?, What is the language of your country?, Do they have multiple languages?, Are there any challenges to your country’s culture or cultures?

7. Describe the religion of your country’s people: Are they Christians?, Are they Buddhists?, Are they polytheistic (believing in man gods), Do they worship trees? You may be very creative with this question.

8. What kind of political system does your country have?, Is it a monarchy with a king and queen?, Is it a dictatorship with an all-powerful ruler?, Is your country governed by one big central government or is it run by many smaller governments at local levels?