5th Class Plan of Work

5th Class Plan of Work
Ms Tobin, Mr Barry & Mr Kelly

2nd  June – 12th June

This 2 week plan applies to all boys in Ms Tobin, Mr Barry and Mr Kelly’s 5th Class from Tuesday 2nd June – 12th June

Ms Tobin can be contacted during school hours by emailing rtobin@scoillorcain.com

Mr Barry can be contacted during school hours by emailing dbarry@scoillorcain.com

Mr Kelly can be contacted during school hours by emailing dkelly@scoillorcain.com


Hello everybody, I hope you are all doing well. It was great to have spoken with you. We are now in the month of June and hoping the summer sun stays out for us. Again here is our 2 week plan for 5th class. Do your best and try to find different pieces of work that you like. Don’t forget to send us on a picture of any activities you get up to, either on plan or not. Stay Safe, Ms Tobin, Mr Kelly and Mr Barry




Oral language:

Ask the children to watch the youtube clips and ask the following questions on the talk: 

1) What did you think of the video?

2) What did you enjoy?

3) What do you think motivated this speaker to speak on this topic?

 4) What did you learn?

5) What do you think you’ll do differently as a result of watching this?


The food pyramid



The 5 fabulous food groups



Create a healthy plate



How the food groups help our body?



Debate writing:

Healthy Eating:


Is it important to eat healthy food?




Write a paragraph as to why you think it is or it is not important to eat healthy food.


Use the Ted Talks above to help you tooJ


You could give examples of healthy foods that you like

The advantages/disadvantages of eating healthy/unhealthy food – how does it help our minds and bodies?

You might describe how eating unhealthy/healthy food might make us feel

If you play sport which types of food might be important and why?

You may refer to the food pyramid? What is the food pyramid? What does it tell us?

Spellbound: From where we stopped in school, complete 2 activities on your weekly spellings each day. Test yourself on Fridays and see how you get on.

Handwriting: Use your Ready to Write to practise your handwriting on 3 days each week for 10 minutes.


SPHE and Art:


What is the food pyramid?

What does it tell us?

Investigate the different food groups in the food pyramid? Name them.

Which group should we eat the most of and which group should eat the least? Why?

What does it mean to  Eat5 a day? Do you?


Draw a picture of the food pyramid. Use the link below to help find information and a picture.


Send it onto your class teacher!:)  





Design/Create your own project based on the food pyramid.

You might create/make your own large/small food pyramid using the information you have gathered from the lessons above.


It might look like the one in the image below.

Use food labels and wrappers in your fridge and kitchen presses or even draw example of food in the different food groups.

Remember to title the project and the food groups clearly




Please note the food pyramid has been changed. The fruit and vegetable sections is now the biggest food group at the bottom. The group we should eat most from and the carbohydrate is now the second biggest food group.





Fuaimeanna agus Focail: From where you stopped in school, complete 2 activities on your words for the week each night and test yourself on Friday.


Bia –Food

Watch this video clip to revise some food words in Irish




Scríobh cúige abairtí faoin bia is fearr leat?

Write 5 sentences about a food you like? Answer the questions below to help you.

Cén sort bia is fear leat?  Is fear liom….

Cén fáth? Why…. Is maith liom an bia seo mar.. I like this food because… tá sé blasta- tasty, tá sé mil- sweet,

Cathain a itheann tú an bia seo? When o you eat this food? Ithim an bia seo ag bricfeasta/sós beag/am lón/supéir/dinnéir..

Cén dath ata ar an bia seo? What colour is it? Tá sé dath oráiste, buí,dearg, glas,..

An bhfuil sé glasra (vegetable) nó tortha (fruit)? Is it a fruit or vegetable?  Tá sé….









Ainmnigh na glasraí agus na torthaí sa pictúir thíos/ Name as many fruit and vegetables as you in Irish below. Use an online dictionary or google translate to help you of your stuck.





So with all this talk of food I think it is time we make PIZZAJ

This is suitable for all the family and tasty too. They are quick and very easy to make!



Wraps white or wholemeal or / Pitta bread white /Wholemeal (both are suitable)

Tomato puree tube or/ tomato sauce in a jar (for pasta for example)

Cheese (grated)

Toppings of your choice (pepperoni, peppers, ham, mushrooms,)


Baking tray/tin/ wire rack from the oven

Grease proof paper



  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius or gas mark 4. Line a baking tray with grease proof paper.
  2. Place the tomato puree/sauce onto your warp or sliced open pitta
  3. Use a spoon to spread the sauce evenly
  4. Now scatter on the grated cheese as you like
  5. Add your toppings that you like (try some new vegetables even a fun way to get them in)
  6. Place your wrap(s) on baking tray with grease proof paper
  7. Place tray into the oven allow to cook for 10 to 12 mins until the cheese is melted.
  8. Leave it cool if you need to. Then your ready to eat J
  9. Enjoy. Let us know how you go send on a picture of your tasty pizzasJ



Now it’s time for us to get creative with pasta! Take a look at the images below what creations can you come up with. Send us pictures of your creations.






Mental Maths Books: From where you stopped in school, complete one day of activities each day (don’t forget the problem solving).

Also, keep practising your division and multiplication tables


Take on the teacher challenge J

Now it is your turn to come up with a challenge that both teachers and students can take part in.

The students will complete their designed challenge and email their challenge to the class teacher

It is then up to the teacher to complete the challenge for the following plan and the students must then try and beat the teacher.

e.g keep uppies with a football, jumping jacks in 30 seconds, solos.. its up to you.

Battle of the teachers and students.