Learning Support – Maths

Mrs M Power

18th May -29th May

Mrs M Power can be contacted during school hours by emailing mpower@scoillorcain.com


Mrs. M Power 1st Class Learning Support Group A Numbers 1-30


I hope you are all keeping well. Please find suggested material below. Please do not feel under pressure to get through all of this work, you and your son’s well-being is most important at this time.


I hope everyone is safe and well and that I’ll see you all again soon!

Mrs. M. Power



Maths Recovery Activities 1

Number Range:1-30


1. Saying Short Forward Number Word Sequences

Start from six and count up to 10. Now start from 8 and count up to 15.

Start from 20 and count up to 25.

Similarly, 18 to 24, 22 to 30, and so on.



2. Saying Short Backward Number Word Sequences

Start from 10 and count back to 7. Now start from 12 and count back to 8.

Start from 20 and count back to 16.

Similarly, 24 back to 20, 30 back to 26, and so on.



3. Saying Alternate Number Words Forwards and Backwards

Let’s take turns to say the numbers. I will say one, then you will say two, then I will say three, then you say four, and we will keep going like that, Ready, one, (two), three, (four), … Continue to about twenty.

This time you start with one. Ready, (one), two, (three), four, … to about twenty.

This time you start from ten. Ready, (ten), eleven, (twelve), thirteen, … Continue into thirties.

Let’s try that going backwards, Let’s go backwards from twelve. I’ll start off. Ready, twelve, (eleven), ten, …

This time we will go backwards and you can start from thirty. Ready, (thirty), twenty-nine, (twenty-eight), …

Similarly with other FNWSs and BNWSs into the thirties.