6th Class Plan of Work

6th Class Plan of Work

Mrs. Douris & Mr. Moloney

5th – 15th May

This 2 week plan applies to all boys in Mrs Douris and Mr Moloney’s 6th Class from Tuesday 5th – 15th May.

Ms Douris can be contacted during school hours by emailing cdouris@scoillorcain.com

Mr Moloney can be contacted during school hours by emailing tmoloney@scoillorcain.com


Dear Parents, 

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Please find activities that boys can complete over the next two weeks.

We will be using books from Edco website so here is how to access them.


Edco e – books

  1. Go to www.edcolearning.ie/login
  2. Fill in username with: primaryedcobooks
  3. Fill in password with: edco2020 


Here is a 2 week plan for the boys in 6th class from 

May 5th – May 15th




Mrs. Douris and Mr. Moloney


Literacy – English


Week 1


Lets Talk Literacy 6th – Edco



Page 46 – Children Under Thirteen Should not be allowed on Social Media


Read the Story and Answer Questions on Page 47

A 1- 10, B 1-2


Focus Words: cyberbullying, malicious, circulate, sophisticated, vulnerable

Exercise C 1-5 and D 1-5 page 47




Similies page 48 A, B and C


Persuasive Writing

Page 49 – use the plan on page 49 and copy it onto a page and create a plan of writing whether it be FOR or AGAINST the argument: Children Under Thirteen Should not be allowed on Social Media


Week 2:


Let’s Talk Literacy: Page 50- Stopped by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Answer Questions Page 51 A 1-10, B 1-2


Focus words

Village, queer, harness, sweep, downy

Ex C 1-5 and Ex D 1-5



Synonyms and antonyms page 52


Cloze Exercise 

Lets Talk Literacy page 53



Create an acrostic poem using the word 







Take pictures of your poem or persuasive writing and send them to your teacher by email, so we can see them.




Topic for the two weeks – Time

Week 1:

Edco –  Operation Maths Pupil Book

      Page 39 Q1,2 and Q1-4

               Page 40 Q 6,7

Edco – Maths Time 6: Week 1 Page 2 A+ B


Week 2:


Edco: Operation Maths Pupil Book

            Page 44 Q 1-9

Edco – Maths Time 6 Week 1 page 3 C+D / Page 4 E






Seachtain 1:  Edco : Beal Beo 6  

Lch 33: An Aidiacht Shealbhach

Lch 39: An Aimsir Fhaistineach – Amarach


Seachtain 2:Edco : Beal Beo 6

         Lch 64: Aimsir Fhaistineach – Amarach

Lch 65: Ceimeanna Compairde





Week 1 and 2:

Edco: Window on the World Science 6

Chapter 1: The Food Journey pages 4-7



Week 1 and 2:

Edco: Window on the World History 6

Chapter 7 Remembering School pages 46 -51



Week 1 and 2

Edco: Window on the World Geography 6

Chapter 3: The Amazing Rainforest pages 17-23




ArtHub for Kids


Try these two art videos and take pictures of your finished work and send it by email to your teacher.


1. How to draw an Earth Day Folding Surprise




2. How to draw a person hugging the Earth