4th Class Plan of work

4th Class Plan of work

Ms. Casey & Ms. Flynn

5th – 15th May


This 2 week plan applies to all boys in Ms Casey and Ms Flynn’s 4th Class from Tuesday 5th May – Fri 15th May


Ms Casey can be contacted during school hours by emailing acasey@scoillorcain.com

Ms Flynn can be contacted during school hours by emailing sflynn@scoillorcain.com


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this difficult time.

Please find below some suggested activities for the boys to do over the two-week period, 5th – 15th May. There is no pressure to get all the work done, we ask that you complete what you can.

We would encourage the boys to continue to engage in other activities that they might not usually have time to do such as helping with cooking, baking, gardening etc.




Ms. Casey & Ms. Flynn


We will be using books from both Folens and Edco websites so here is how to access them.


How to access:

Folens E books:

1.    Go to www.folensonline.ie

2.  Click Register

3.  Select Teacher

4.  Fill in a username and password (make up your own)

5.  Roll Number: Prim20


Edco e – books

1.    Go to www.edcolearning.ie/login

2.  Fill in username with: primaryedcobooks

3.  Fill in password with: edco2020 




Note: Free access to ‘Cracking Maths’ (Gill & MacMillan) 4th class e-book.

Go to https://gilleducation.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=ad704fc6f018fd2a1e76af33a&id=115b9f1a79&e=40b03fb1d6

 (Please bear in mind we operate maths groups in 4th class so some groups may have covered on a particular topic).

Maths Time 4 (Edco)

Mental maths- 1 to be done each day (e.g. a Monday, b Tuesday)


Week 1:

We would like to boys to complete some revision based on topics completed to date.




        +   90



        +  569



     +   2345




      +  1647















  •  1096





45 x 8 = _____

78 x 3 = _____

108 x 5 = ______

201 x 7 = _______

Long multiplication: (remember to write the sum vertical to make it easier to complete).

12 x 11 = ______

56 x 18 = ______

98 x 17 = ______

123 x 15 = ______



¼ of 40

½ of 100

¾ of 16

¼ of 80


Week 2:

Cracking Maths – 4th Class e-book 

Chapter 22. Time   page 152 – 162.


1)    Discuss:

How many seconds are in one minute?

How many minutes are in one hour?

How many minutes in 1/4., ½ and ¾ of an hour?

How many hours in a day?

How many hours in a week?


2)    Analogue and digital clocks:

If possible, use an analogue and a digital clock to help you with your work.

Examine your analogue clock. Look at the numbers on the clock from 5 past – half past. Then look at the numbers on the clock which represent 25 to – o clock.

Compare the time on an analogue clock with the time on a digital clock (phone, laptop, computer, iPad, watch).

Go to page 153 and 154 of your cracking maths book. Complete this page using your clocks to help you.


3)    Complete the word problems on page 155 & 156.


4)    Renaming hours and minutes: remember there is 60 minutes in 1 hour, 120 minutes in 2 hours, 180 minutes in 3 hours etc.

Using this information, complete page 156 & 157.


5)    Addition and subtraction of hours and minutes. (There is one very important thing to remember when adding time – there is only 60 minutes in 1 hour, therefore you can never have more than 59 in the minutes column).

E.g.   hrs          mins

          6             16

      +  5             50


                                     6 6   à (we can only have 59 mins in the minute section)


                12                  06   à (I have taken 60 away from 66 and I got 6 left over)

                                                         (I then carried up my 1 = 1 hour/ 60 minutes)

                                                        ( I then add up my hours: 6 + 5 + 1)

My final answer is 12 hour and 6 minutes.

Using this guide – complete page 158 of your cracking maths book.



E.G. Subtraction of time:

        Hrs           mins

         6 (5)          26 (+60mins)                      (we cannot take 53 mins from 26 mins)

        4               53                       (we must borrow one hour which leaves us with 5 hrs)

        ______________                  (we give this hour to the minutes: + 60 mins)

          1                 33                             We now have 26 + 60 = 80 mins.

                                                                 80 mins take away 53 mins is now possible.  


Using this guide – complete page 159 in your cracking maths book.



Remember to engage in as much DEAR time (Drop Everything And Read) as possible over the next two weeks.

Week 1:


Exercise Your English (Edco)

Read ‘A tale of a man against nature’   (Unit 2, Page 12)

Answer A: 1-8 and C: Match the word to the correct meaning. (Page 13)

(Make sure to write full sentences!!)



Exercise Your English (Edco)

Read the poem ‘Silly Old Baboon’   (Unit 3, Page 16)

Find the rhyming words in the poem


Antonyms are words with opposite meanings, for example hot – cold.

Create a list of opposites for the following:

Early, fast, down, happy, open, first, rich, wet, young, win, soft. 



Pick a fairy-tale story of your choice (just like the activity we had started in class). Write your own version of this fairy-tale with a dramatic twist! Don’t forget to read your story to somebody at home!


Week 2:


Exercise Your English (Edco)

Read the recipe for Shepherd’s Pie (Unit 6, Page 36)

Answer A: 1-7 and B (Page 37)

(Make sure to write full sentences!!)



Twinkl (free access)

European Landmarks



This week, we would like you to look at the difference between the following:

  • There, their and they’re

There means the opposite of here; “at that place.”

Their means “belongs to them.”

They’re is a contraction of “they are” or “they were.”

Complete the following sentences using the correct word:

  • The one with the white fence is ______ house.
  • The cold wind made _____ teeth chatter.
  • Do you think ____ hiding?
  • Look at the beautiful rainbow over ______.



What is your favourite dinner recipe?

Find out how to make it and write it down. Don’t forget to include a title, the list of ingredients, and the steps of how to make it. Try to use as much verbs (action word) as you can. Illustrate your recipe when you’re finished.  



We would advise the boys to use the website ‘Duolingo’ to help them with their Irish.

We also recommend the children to watch some Irish programmes on TG4.


Over the next fortnight, we would like to you look at the chapter ‘Sa Bhaile’ (At home).


Don’t forget to go over your Irish questions that we do every day in class!

  • Cad is anim duit? (What’s your name)
  • Conas atá tú? (How are you)
  • Cá bhfuil tú I do chónaí? (Where do you live)
  • Cén lá atá ann inniu? (What day is it today)
  • Conas atá an aimsir? (What is the weather like?)


Bua na Cainte 4 (Edco):

Sa Bhaile: page 141 – 152

We would like the children to try their very best and engage in the following activities:

  • Pg 141 – Cén cruth (shape) é? Look at the shapes on the house and answer the questions.
  • Pg 142 – look at the new vocab on the top of the page. Talk about the position of the different items (ar an, faoin, sa…)
  • Pg 145 – Chuig (to).. Chaith sé an liathróid chugam – He threw the ball to me. Look at the penguin to help you complete the sentences.
  • Pg 146 – Cén saghas tí é? (What kind of house is it?). Look at and discuss the 6 different houses on the top of the page and then answer the questions.
  • Pg 149 – Cá bhfuil to I do chonaí? (Where do you live). We would like the children to write a short paragraph telling us about their house.
  • Pg 152 – Read the story ‘Sa Ghairdín ar Chúl an Tí’ (The garden at the back of the house) and answer the questions.



Edco: Window on the World 4  (GEOGRAPHY)

Unit 11, page 79 – Rocks Uncovered

Read page 79 – 81.

Complete the rock trail on page 80. Find a rock(s) in your garden and create your own rock report sheet.

Answer 1-6 from ‘Question time’ on page 83.

(To include art into your activity – you could paint your rock when you have your rock sheet completed!)



Edco: Window on the World 4  (SCIENCE)

Unit 13, page 70 – Say Cheese (All about our teeth)

Read page 71 – 73 and complete the questions.

Draw your own diagram and label the teeth with the correct name.



Complete a drawing/ painting/ construction/ colouring activity of your choice. Send a picture of your art work to your teacher so they can upload it to the Scoil Lorcain website so your friends can see what you have created!



It is really important that the children engage in physical activities. Mr. Moloney has uploaded some great ideas on the Scoil Lorcain website labelled ‘Active home week’. There are daily challenges, GAA lessons and much more for the boys to engage in.