4th Class Plan of work

4th Class Plan of work

Ms. Casey & Ms. Flynn

15th-26th of June

This 2 week plan applies to all boys in Ms Casey and Ms Flynn’s 4th Class from Monday 15th of June – Fri 26th of June.

Ms Casey can be contacted during school hours by emailing acasey@scoillorcain.com

Ms Flynn can be contacted during school hours by emailing sflynn@scoillorcain.com

Dear parents/guardians,

It is hard to believe we are now entering the last 2 weeks of the school year. We want to thank you for the work you have done with the boys over the last 13 weeks. We know it hasn’t been easy for either the boys or you, but every little bit done will make things easier next year. We don’t want the boys to worry about next year as whoever their teacher is will pick up where they left off & they won’t miss out on anything. Our activities for the next 2 weeks are a bit more fun & less book work as if we were in school, we would be winding down & enjoying our last few weeks together. We hope you all have a lovely summer & look forward to seeing everyone in September!

Thank you

Ms. Casey & Ms. Flynn


I know we are all disappointed to be missing out on our school fun day. So, there is a virtual sports day online with ideas for activities at home.

Go to www.ecsligo.ie

Click on virtual sports day.

You will be able to look through different activities & see what you will need to do them.

Virtual School Tour

It’s so disappointing that we won’t have a school this year but we can still visit different places from home.

The Titanic Experience in Belfast has a virtual tour.


Click on the link & scroll down where you will see part 1, 2 & 3. Explore the different sections & learn new facts about the Titanic.

Dublin Zoo also has virtual tour videos where you can look at all the different animals in the zoo.


Enjoy looking at the different parts of these virtual tours!


It has been a strange school year, but it is still important to think about all the ways we have changed since the start of the year.


You can either print this or just write it down somewhere to reflect on the year.

We would love to get some of them by email to remember the year we had together (even if it was short)!

We have written plenty of acrostic poems in class during the year.

Using https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/nz-t-t-5589-summer-acrostic-poem-template as a template write your own 1 for summer.


Even though times are strange we are still heading into summer holidays. Now, they might be a bit different this year but there will still be plenty of fun times ahead.

Using  https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/us-t-2547063-summer-sunglasses-activity-sheet as a template, draw what you would like to do during your summer holidays in the glasses.

Practice your drawing skills using some of the following videos.





Remember to take some DEAR (drop everything and read) time, especially outside if the sun comes back.

Design Activities

Design & make a paper aeroplane. Get others in your house to do the same. Have a competition to see whose flies furthest.

Give each person in your house just 1 cup of LEGO each. What can you build from it?

Make 2 piles of books the same height about 10cm apart. Put a piece of cardboard across the books. add coins on to the cardboard until it falls. How can you make the bridge stronger? What’s the biggest amount of coins it will hold?


Take some time to play games with your family. Those old games are the best!

You could try:


Hide & seek

Red light, green light

Musical chairs/statues


Whatever you do have fun, smile & enjoy spending time together!