Plan of Work

Third Class

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please find some activities below that can be completed by the boys while the school is closed. You can choose a few activities each day.  

Kind Regards,

Mrs.O’Dwyer, Ms.Blount, Ms. Kelly


  • Play ‘Table Champ’ at home
  • Revision of the following tables:         Multiplication:

×2, ×3, ×4, ×5, ×6, ×7, ×8, ×9, ×10, ×11, ×12


÷2, ÷3, ÷4, ÷5, ÷6, ÷8, ÷10



  • Practice telling the time in five -minute intervals on the digital and analogue clock
  • Create a time- table of your day using the digital clock
  • Calculate the number of minutes you spend watching your favourite T.V programme
  • Write the following times in digital form:

    three o’clock, half past four, quarter past twelve, quarter to five, twenty past six, ten past seven, twenty-five to nine, ten to eight




  • Using your ‘Maths Eyes’, create a bar chart (numbers on the vertical line, shape names on the horizontal line) showing the number of 3D shapes in the room you are in:  


    Sphere, cylinder, cuboid, cube, cone


  • Create a bar chart using a topic of your choice eg: shoe colours


Maths Eyes’

  • Make a list of the 2D shapes you can see in the garden (triangles, squares, rectangles, circles…)



  • Can you find anything in the fridge/press that weighs more than or less than 1kg (1,000g)
  • Can you find anything in the fridge that is more than or less than one litre (1,000ml)


        • Remember:

          1kg    =       1000g                   1litre =       1000ml

          ½ kg  =       500g                     ½ litre =      500ml

          ¼ kg  =       250g                     ¼ litre =      250ml

          ¾ kg  =       750g                     ¾ litre =      750ml


  • Write a book review based on your favourite book


Some ideas to help you plan your review:


  • Title of the book
  • Author’s name, illustrator’s name
  • I chose this book because…
  • This book is about- think about the setting, events, problem…
  • Characters in the story
  • Would you recommend this book?


  • Design a new front cover for your favourite book


  • ‘Drop everything and read’
              • Watch out for some WOW words as you read

              • Become a ‘word collector’-make a list of the WOW words you have read


  • Synonyms-Match the word with a similar meaning:

    big                                                                    scared

    shout                                                               large

    afraid                                                              yell

    nice                                                                 stunning

  • Antonyms-Think of a word that means the opposite:







  • Daily weather diary:


  • Using pictures and words, describe the weather each day from Monday to Friday
  • Project Work: Find out some facts about- Egypt
  • Location (What continent is it on? Neighbouring countries)
  • Climate (What is the weather like?)
  • Food
  • Famous buildings or landmarks
  • Longest river
  • Highest mountain
  • Currency
  • One more interesting fact


Websites that may be useful: