6th Class Plan of Work

6th Class Plan of Work
Mrs. Douris & Mr. Moloney

18th May – 29th May

This 2 week plan applies to all boys in Mrs Douris and Mr Moloney’s 6th Class from Monday 20th April – Fri 1st May.

Ms Douris can be contacted during school hours by emailing cdouris@scoillorcain.com

Mr Moloney can be contacted during school hours by emailing tmoloney@scoillorcain.com



                                                6th class work

Dear Parents,

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Please find activities that boys can complete over the next two weeks.

We will be using books from Edco and Folens websites so here is how to access them.


Edco E – books

  1. Go to www.edcolearning.ie/login
  2. Fill in username with: primaryedcobooks
  3. Fill in password with: edco2020


Folens E books:


If you’ve accessed this already you just sign in with your username and password , if not and this is your first time then follow these steps.


  1. Go to www.folensonline.ie
  2. Click Register
  3. Select Teacher
  4. Fill in a username and password (make up your own)
  5. Roll Number: Prim20



Here is a 2 week plan for the boys in 6th class from

May 18th – May 29th




Mrs. Douris and Mr. Moloney



Literacy – English


Week 1


Lets Talk Literacy 6th – Edco



Page 54 – Letter from Tata


Read the Story and Answer Questions on Page 55

A 1- 10, B 1-2


Focus Words: judge, margin, present, affectionately

 D 1-4 page 55




Pronouns page 56 A, B and C


Cloze Exercise


Edco: Exercise your English 6

On the Food Front page 93




Edco: Lets Talk literacy 6th


Letter Writing

Page 57 –: Looking at the layout of an informal letter on page 57, where to position your address, the date and the closing. Write a letter to your mum who is away telling her about your week.



Week 2:


Let’s Talk Literacy: Page 58- Dear Teacher

Answer Questions Page 59 A 1-10, B 1-2


Focus words:

Continents, scoundrel, honourable, despair, sublime

Ex C 1-5 and Ex D 1-5



Quotation Marks page 60




Letter Writing

Page 61 –: Looking at the layout of a formal letter on page 61, where to position your address, the date, the recipient’s address, the greeting and the closing. Write a letter to the company from whom you bought a new tablet explaining that the screen was broken on delivery.










Topics for the two weeks – The Circle, Lines and Angles


Week 1:

Edco –  Operation Maths Pupils Book

      Page 66 Q1,2,3

              Page 68 Q 2-7

Edco – Maths Time 6: Week 2 Page 5 A+ B

                                                  Page 6 C


Week 2:


Edco: Operation Maths Pupil Book

           Page 13,14

           Page 19 Q 1,2

Edco – Maths Time 6 Week 2 Page 6 D

                                                Page 7 E







Seachtain 1:  Edco : Graiméar Le Chéile 5-6

Lch 41: An Briathar  Déan

Lch 40: An Réamhfhocal – Le


Seachtain 2:Edco : Graiméar Le Chéile 5-6

        Lch 42: An Briathar  Tar

Lch 38: An Réamhfhocal – As








Week 1 and 2:

Folens: Unlocking Science with Science Fusion 6th Class

Chapter 13: Managing Resources pages 132 – 141



Week 1 and 2:

Folens: Unlocking History  6th Class

Chapter 13  Pioneers of Technology pages 114 – 121



Week 1 and 2

Folens:  Unlocking SESE 6th Class

Chapter 12: Brazil pages 82 – 87




ArtHub for Kids


Try these two art videos and take pictures of your finished work and send it by email to your teacher.


  1. How to draw a realistic toucan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4f_gQH7Skk


  2. How to draw a cartoon sloth