Learning Support – English

Mrs M Power

18th May -29th May

Mrs M Power can be contacted during school hours by emailing mpower@scoillorcain.com

3rd Class English Learning Support Group
18th – 29th May 2020
Mrs. M. Power can be contacted during school hours by emailing mpower@scoillorcain.com
Dear pupils and parents/guardians,
I hope you are keeping safe and well at this time. It is a very strange time and I’m sure you are missing school and all your classmates. 
Below are some activities for the next two weeks May 18th – May 29th. 
Please complete what you feel is possible of this work, there is no pressure to complete it all.
Chat soon,
Mrs. M. Power
Please continue to read on a daily basis. There are a number of options available online at the moment.
Collins Big Cat is a graded reading resource which I feel would be very beneficial at this time.
It does require a log in but at present they are offering parents free access.
I will leave login details below, when you have gained access, click on ‘Collins Big Cat’ on the right side, on the next page the books will be displayed and on the left you will be able to select a ‘band’ to read, I would suggest starting at ‘Purple’, if you feel this level is too easy or too hard please feel free to change level.
Please click on the link below and use the below details to log in.
Password: Parents20!
Revise the Dolch lists, phrases and sentences.
Taking three lists per day and working through Dolch lists 1 -11, moving on to Dolch Phrases 1 – 11 and then on to Dolch Sentences 1 -11.
They can be found here at the below link.
In addition to revising Dolch lists please continue reading Frys Instant Phrases – the first 100 and the second 100. I will list them below. They can also be found at the below link.
First 100
The people
Write it down
By the water
Who will make it?
You and I
What will they do?
He called me.
We had their dog.
What did they say?
When would you go?
No way
A number of people
One or two
How long are they?
More than the other
Come and get it.
How many words?
Part of the time
This is a good day.
Can you see?
Sit down.
Now and then
But not me
Go find her.
Not now
Look for some people.
I like him.
So there you are.
Out of the water
A long time
We were here.
Have you seen it?
Could you go?
One more time
We like to write.
All day long
Into the water
It’s about time.
The other people
Up in the air
She said to go.
Which way?
Each of us
He has it.
What are these?
If we were older
There was an old man.
It’s no use.
It may fall down.
With his mom
At you house
From my room
It’s been a long time.
Will you be good?
Give them to me.
Then we will go.
Now is the time.
An angry cat
May I go first?
Write your name.
This is my cat.
That dog is big.
Get on the bus.
Two of us
Did you see it?
The first word
See the water
As big as the first
But not for me
When will we go?
How did they get it?
From here to there
Number two
More people
Look up.
Go down.
All or some
Did you like it?
A long way to go
When did they go?
For some of your people
Second 100
Over the river
My new place
Another great sound
Take a little.
Give it back.
Only a little
It’s only me.
I know why.
Three years ago
Live and play.
A good man
After the game
Most of the animals
Our best things
Just the same
My last name
That’s very good
Think before you act
Mother says to now.
Where are you?
I need help.
I work too much.
Any old time
Through the line
Right now
Mother means it.
Same time tomorrow
Tell the truth.
A little boy
The following day
We came home.
We want to go.
Show us around.
Form two lines.
A small house also
Another old picture
Write one sentence.
Set it up.
Put it there.
Where does it end?
I don’t feel well.
My home is large.
It turned out well.
Read the sentence.
This must be it.
Hand it over.
Such a big house
The men asked for help.
A different land
They went here.
Get the point.
Because we should
Even the animals
Try your best
Move over.
We found it here.
Study and learn
Kind of nice
Spell your name.
The good American
Change your clothes
Play it again.
Back off.
Give it away.
Answer the phone.
Turn the page.
The air is warm.
Read my letters.
It’s still here.
Where in the world
We need more
I study in school.
I’m an American.
Such a mess
Point it out.
Right now
It’s a small world.
Big and small
Home sweet home
Around the clock
Show and tell
You must be right.
Tell the truth.
Good and plenty
Help me out.
It turned out well.
It’s your place.
Good things
I think so.
Read the book.
May 18th – May 22nd 2020.
Sentence Starters: In a copy book, please create sentences beginning with each sentence starter list below. Try to make two different sentences for each sentence starter. 
    •    I run to…
    •    I go into the…
    •    We have…
    •    I have…
    •    She is…
    •    He is…
The below sentences are missing their full stops and capital letters. Rewrite the sentences in your copy book and add in what is missing.
    •    sam jumped as high as he could
    •    would you like to go to the shop
    •    hello my name is edward
    •    my dog like to swim in the water
    •    my teacher told me i am very good at reading
    •    simon and henry are in the same class
Read the Words.
Use the words above to finish these sentences:
    •    Kate felt             when she won a prize in class.
    •    I got             when I saw the bully hurting my friend.
    •    There was no one to play with so Ken felt             .
    •    Joe was             when his hamster died.
    •    We all felt a bit             in the spooky old house.
    •    We were all             going on the school tour.
Finish the Sentences.
    •    I feel happy when                                             .
    •    I feel sad when                                             .
    •    I feel lonely when                                             .
    •    I feel angry when                                             .
Reading Comprehension
“Message in a Bottle”
412 Forest Road,
St. John’s,
My Name is Laura Simpson and I am eight years old.  I like I a town called St. John’s in Newfoundland, Canada.  I have brown hair and blue eyes and I love music and sailing.
On the 19th of June, 2017, I put this message in a bottle. I closed it was a cork lid and threw the bottle into the sea near my home.
If you find this bottle please, please, please write back to me.
Laura Simpson.
Answer the Questions.
    •    Where does the girl who wrote the letter live?
    •    What does she look like?
    •    Who wrote the message and put it in a bottle?
    •    When was the message put in a bottle?
    •    What do you think she wanted to happen to her message?
    •    What would you do if you found this message?
Finish the Sentence.
    •    Laura lives in a town called                 .
    •    The town in is                 .
    •    Laura loves          and             .
    •    She put a             in a              .
    •    She             the bottle and         it into the         .
    •    Laura hopes that someone will             the bottle and         back to her.
Write a message.
You have found Laura’s message.  Write back to her and tell her all about yourself. Tell her:
    •    Your name and age
    •    Where you come from
    •    The colour of your hair and eyes
    •    What you like to do
25th May – 29th May 2020.
Sentence Starters: In a copy book, please create sentences beginning with each sentence starter list below. Try to make two different sentences for each sentence starter. 
    •    We go to…
    •    We like…
    •    I love the…
    •    I see a…
    •    I saw the…
    •    I like the…
The below sentences are missing their full stops and capital letters. Rewrite the sentences in your copy book and add in what is missing.
    •    we went to the swimming pool with rose
    •    i like to play basketball with my friends
    •    blue whales have no teeth
    •    would you like to come to my party
    •    can cows sleep standing up
    •    kevin said his favourite colour is green
Asking Questions
Read these question words.
Use the words above to finish these questions. Read your questions.
    •            did you get your new football?
    •            old are you?
    •            is your best friend?
    •            was Tom crying today?
    •            is your favourite colour?
    •            can we go outside to play?
Write your own questions for these answers.
    •    Question.                                            
Answer.     Lunch time is at 12.30pm.
    •    Question.                                            
Answer.     My birthday is in January.
    •    Question.                                            
Answer.     Summer is my favourite season.
Reading Comprehension
‘At the Airport’
Uncle John was coming home.  He had been in Australia for three years. That was a long time. Kevin had been five when he went away. He talked to Uncle John on Mum’s laptop but it was still hard to think of him as a real person sometimes. He was more like someone on T.V.
Now the family were waiting for John in the airport. Mum and Dad and Laura and Ciara and Aunt Jenny and Uncle Frank and Granny were all there.  Laura and Ciara had made a big sign. “Welcome home Uncle John”, it read.
All the grown-ups were laughing and smiling. Kevin was feeling tired. They had left home very early that morning to get to the airport. He yawned.
Then Dad said, “There he is!”
A tall smiling man walked towards them. He looked just like the man on Mum’s laptop.
He was carrying three toy kangaroos in his arms and was pulling a big suitcase. Everyone cheered and ran to hug him. Then Kevin saw that all the grown-ups were crying. Weren’t they supposed to be happy?
Answer the questions.
    •    Who was coming home?
    •    How long had he been away?
    •    How many people were waiting?
    •    Why was Kevin tired?
    •    Who do you think the three kangaroos were for?
    •    Why do you think the grown-ups were crying?
True or False
    •    John was coming from Australia.                   
    •    He spent five years there.                           
    •    They were all waiting at the train station.                
    •    Laura and Ciara had made a sign for John.               
    •    John was not a tall person.                       
    •    John had three toy kangaroos.   
Finish the sentences
    •    Kevin saw John and         to him on Mum’s             .
    •    The sign said “                                 “.
    •    Kevin was feeling             .
    •    Everyone         and ran to         John.