4th Class Learning Support – Maths

Ms Doherty

20th April – 1st May

Ms Doherty can be contacted during school hours by emailing @scoillorcain.com

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Please find activities that the boys can complete over the two weeks beginning on Monday 20th April – Friday 1st May.

We will be using books from both Folens and Edco websites so here is how to access them:

Here’s how to access the book ‘Maths Time 4’ from Edco:

1.      Go to www.edcolearning.ie/login

2.      Fill in username with: primaryedcobooks

3.      Fill in password with edco2020


 To access the book ‘Planet Maths’ from Folens:

 1. Go to www.folensonline.ie

 2. Click Register

 3. Select Teacher

 4. Fill in username and password (make up your own)

 5. Roll Number: Prim20


Maths Time 4 (Edco)

Mental Maths p2&3 Do 1 a day (e.g a Monday, b Tuesday)


Planet Maths (Folens online)

Week 1:Subtraction

P32 B 1 – 18 and C 1 – 4

P33 Complete A and B 1-4

P34 A 1- 7

P35 Complete A, B and C

P36 Check up Complete B, C, D & E


Week 2: Addition

P13 Q. B & C

P14 Q. A, B and D

P15 Q. A

P16 Q A Do number 6 only and C 1- 3

P17 Q. B, C and D


Also Check out MathsStars on Facebook they have a google drive with plenty of activities for all classes.

Continue to practice times tables there are loads of games to be found on www.topmarks.com

Kind regards, 

Mrs Doherty