Mrs Doherty’s English group

Mrs Doherty’s 6th Class English Group



Dear Parents/Guardians,


Please find below some work that can be completed by the boys while the school is closed. If they don’t have their book ‘Let’s Talk Literacy’ with them they can access it online from the Edco website. Here’s how to access it:

1.      Go to

2.      Fill in username with: primaryedcobooks

3.      Fill in password with edco2020


Kind Regards,

Mrs Doherty


Week 1

Let’s Talk Literacy 5


·         Comprehension

P72 Read The Fox and the Crow.

               Answer questions based on this text on p73. Do A 1 – 10, B 1 – 2.


·         Word work

               P73 Activities C, D and E


·         Cloze Activity

P31 Best Friends


·         Grammar:

               Revision of apostrophes p74 Activities A and B


·         Narrative Writing

               P75 write out a plan based on how the crow will get revenge on the fox.

               Use the headings in the book to help you to plan it.


Week 2


Let’s Talk Literacy 5


·         Comprehension p76

               Read and answer questions on p77 A 1- 10 and B 1- 2


·         Word work

               P77 Complete activities C, D and E


·         Cloze activity

               P79 Wally


·         Grammar

              Conjunctions p78 activities A, B and C


·         Narrative writing

              Write out story using the plan from week 1. Remember to use lots of adjectives when describing the setting/character.