Mrs Bartley/Mrs Bouchier English and Maths groups

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This is an outline of what the boys in each of our groups can cover during the next 2 weeks. We are including work from ebooks on the Folens and Edco websites.

For Folens books:

Go to

Click Register.

Select Teacher and fill in your own username and password.

Roll number: Prim20


For Edco books:

Go to

Username: primaryedcobooks

Password: edco2020


6th class English group (boys from both classes)

Week 1: Let’s Talk Literacy 4th class (Edco)

Comprehension: Brother p10. Complete Q A1-8, Vocabulary exercises C and D.

Cloze: Hello! P12

Grammar: Question Marks and Exclamation Marks p11. Complete A1-8, C 4 sentences

Week 2: Let’s Talk Literacy 4th class (Edco)

Comprehension: A boy called Bat p14/15 Complete Q A 1-8, Vocabulary exercises C and D

Cloze: Music and Me p16

Grammar: Verbs p17 Complete A 1-14, B1-12


6th class Maths (boys from both classes)

Planet Maths (Folens)

Week 1: Money p66-69, Check up p70.

Week 2: Multiplication p47-50, Check up p51.

Extra work can be also be found on both topics in the Operation Maths Discovery Book (Edco)

We would suggest that the boys spend time practicing their tables. is a nice way of doing this.

Give the boys opportunity to practice using money, telling time, mental addition and subtraction during other daily activities.


We hope everyone is safe and well and that we’ll see you all again soon!

Mrs Bartley and Mrs Bouchier