Learning Support – Maths

Learning Support – Maths


Mrs. Cullen 

June 15th to 26th 2020

Mrs Cullen can be contacted during school hours by emailing ncullen@scoillorcain.com



Mrs. Cullen        6th Class Maths Rotation Group  


Virtual Sports Day!!

Please visit https://www.wcsligo.ie and click on virtual sports day.

Have fun!


General Knowledge Quiz

  1. What is a group of dolphins called?
  2. The word “canine” refers to what kind of animal?
  3. How many days are in a leap year?
  4. What is the smallest county in Ireland?
  5. How many months are in 12 years?
  6. What bird can fly backwards?
  7. What do fish use to breathe?
  8. Who is the Taoiseach of Ireland?
  9. If I had two dozen eggs, how many would I have?
  10. When is St. Brigid’s Day (month and date)?

Don’t peek at the answers yet! Try your best.

Answers are below…..





  1. A pod
  2. Dog
  3. 366
  4. Louth
  5. 144
  6. hummingbird
  7. gills
  8. Leo Varadkar
  9. 24
  10. February 1st


How many did you get right? Well done!

Have a great Summer and good luck in secondary school