Learning Support – Maths

Mrs Bartley/Mrs Bouchier

15th May – 29th May

Mrs Bartley can be contacted during school hours by emailing nbartley@scoillorcain.com

Mrs Bouchier can be contacted during school hours by emailing lbouchier@scoillorcain.com


Fortnightly Plan 4th Class Maths Group Monday 18th May -Friday 29th May


Dear Parents/Guardians, 

We hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this difficult time. There is no pressure to get all the work done, we ask that you complete what you can. 

We would encourage the boys to continue to engage in other activities that they might not usually have time to do such as helping with cooking, baking, gardening etc. 

Remember if you need any help or assistance, we can be contacted on our email addresses above during school hours. We would be more than happy to help with any problems you may have. 

Also, have a look on the website for our feedback Friday sheet, we would love to hear from the boys each Friday & how they are finding the work. We love getting photos of what the boys are getting up to & we can share these on the school website for their friends to see.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Bartley & Mrs. Bouchier


We will be using books from both Folens and Edco websites so here is how to access them. 

How to access: 

Folens E books: 1. Go to www.folensonline.ie 

2. Click Register 

3. Select Teacher 

4. Fill in a username and password (make up your own) 

5. Roll Number: Prim20 

Edco e – books 1. Go to www.edcolearning.ie/login 

2. Fill in username with: primaryedcobooks 

3. Fill in password with: edco2020 


Week 1: 

Maths Time 4 (Edco) 

Mental Maths- 1 to be done each day (e.g. a Monday, b Tuesday) 

We would like to boys to complete some revision based on topics completed to date.

Addition: Please put one number per square on Maths Copy and make sure that you line up correctly. Write Th, H, T, U across each square before you add the sums

6543+879=      1096+2786=    546+2067=        147+2543+87=

Subtraction: Line up sums as above and remember that the number on top has to be bigger to take away- if its not, go to the next house, cross it out and take one away.

5692-789=    3027-1810=     7000-2675=   3454-3189=


65 x 4 = _____ 

28 x 7 = _____ 

165 x 3 = ______ 

345 x 5 = _______ 

Long multiplication: (remember to write the sum vertical to make it easier to complete & don’t forget to write down your zero before multiplying by the tens number)

89 x 21 = ______ 

43 x 22 = ______ 

86 x 19 = _____ 

14 x 33 = ______


Put theses decimals in order from smallest to biggest: 

1. 0.3, 3.3, 0.33, 3.33 


2. 1.17, 1.07, 7.1, 7.01 


3. 5.04, 4.05, 4.5, 4.05 


Write these decimals as fractions: (remember 1 number after the decimal point means the number is over 10 e.g. 0.6=6/10, 2 numbers after the decimal point means the number is over 100 eg. 0.54=54/100)

1. 0.65 _____ 

2. 0.8 ______ 

3. 0.19 ______ 

4. 0.3 ______ 

5. 0.33 ______



Week 2: LENGTH

Folens Planet Maths 4 Topic 13: P80- Complete Activity A, B & C

1. Discuss: 

Do we use centimetres or metres to measure?

1. our kitchen table 

2. length of a room 

3. our height 

4. our finger 

5. the Eiffel Tower


2. Measuring-

Using the ruler you got with your books measure the following:

Item              Estimate             Measure                   Good or bad estimate


Milk carton



Your bed

Height of door

Length of car


Centimetres & metres (100cm = 1metre) 

10cm = 1/10m = 0.1m        460cm = 4m 60cm = 4.6m 

20cm = 2/10m = 0.2m       280cm = 2m 80cm = 2.8m 

30cm = 3/10m = 0.3m       190cm = 1m 90cm =1.9m 

40cm = 4/10m = 0.4m 

50cm = ½ m = 0.5m 

60cm = 6/10m = 0.6m 

70cm = 7/10m = 0.7m 

80cm = 8/10m = 0.8m 

90cm = 9/10m = 0.9m 

100cm = 10/10m = 1.0m 

3. Adding & subtracting centimetres & metres Folens Planet Maths 4 P82 Complete Activity A

Adding & subtracting centimetres & metres is the same as normal addition & subtraction. You must just remember to keep centimetres under centimetres & metres under metres. You add as normal.


Please spend some time working on tables as well. There are lots of games on www.topmarks.co.uk and www.theschoolhub.ie


We hope to see everyone soon! Take care and stay safe,

Mrs. Bouchier & Mrs. Bartley