Maths group

Plan of  work: Monday the 15th June to Friday the 26th of June (Withdrawal from Mrs. Douris)

Mrs M. Power can be contacted during school hours by emailing

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Firstly, a big thank you again to you the parents who have continued to support your child’s learning during this difficult time. Please find below the suggested material for this the last fortnight of work before the summer break. 
To the boys, you have been wonderful to work with during the year. I am both so proud of how hard you have worked over the past few months and for staying at home and helping to keep people safe.
I wish you all the best on your journey into secondary school!

I hope that you and your son have an enjoyable summer and a well earned break from school work. 

Mrs. M. Power

Each day ask your child the following questions: What day is it? What day was yesterday? What day will tomorrow be? What date is it? What season is it? What month is it? What date will this day next week be? etc..

  1. Take out 10 pieces of pasta and 2 plates. Share the pasta equally. (Take out four plates if doing quarters) 

½ of 10=

¼ of 12=

½ of 20=

¼ of 20=

¼ of 16=

½ of 10=

2 is a ¼ of ___

4 is ½ of ____

​2. Write these times in digital 

½ past 3= 

½ past 11=

12 O’Clock=

7 O’Clock=

3. Remember: For one hour later the big hand goes the WHOLE way around the clock and back to where it started, the hour hand or small hand moves to the next number. 

What is 1 hour later than 4 O’Clock?

What is 1 hour later than 1 O’Clock?

What is 1 hour later than half past 6?

What is 1 hour later than half past 9?     

4. Word Problems (RUDE-Read, Underline, Draw, Evaluate or ROSE-Read, Organise, Solve, Evaluate strategy) 

​- Ben had 63 football cards. He gave 37 to his friend. How any cards has Ben now?

-There are 6 eggs in a box. How many eggs are there in 3 boxes?

-There are 38 cars in a car park and 15 vans. How many more cars are there than vans?

General Knowledge Quiz

  1. What is a group of sheep called?
  2. The word “canine” refers to what kind of animal?
  3. How many days are in a year?
  4. What is the largest county in Ireland?
  5. How many months are in 10 years?
  6. What bird can fly backwards?
  7. How many strings does a guitar have?
  8. Who is the president of Ireland?
  9. If I had two dozen eggs, how many would I have?
  10. When is St. Patrick’s Day (month and date)?

Don’t peek at the answers yet! Try your best.

Answers are below…..





  1. A flock
  2. Dog
  3. 365
  4. Cork
  5. 120
  6. hummingbird
  7. 6
  8. Michael D. Higgins
  9. 24
  10. March 17th


How many did you get right? Well done!

Have a great Summer