Ms Drummey’s 5th Class Maths 

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. Please find enclosed work for the week of 30/03/20-03/04/20. You can choose to complete a few topics/activities a day. Please do not feel under pressure to complete all activities as I know households can be extremely busy. 

Kind Regards, 

Ms Drummey 


To be completed daily: 

Daily Mental Maths: 


Tables Champion  


Plan of work: 30/03/20-3/04/20 

Complete the Following: 
Brainteasers 4 pgs 22-23 

You will need to access the following website and follow the steps below to complete the above activity :

simply log into and click student resources  

  • Click on Primary 

  • Click on 4th Class 

  • Click on Maths 

  • Click on Brainteasers 4 

  • Open ebook on pgs 16 and 17 


  1. 2. Revision of short Division. Please work your way through as many as possible (complete in a copy or on a page) 

In these worksheets children will practice short division (division by a single-digit numeber) with no remainder – i.e. answer is a whole number. 











     If you are finding the above too challenging try some of the following: 


    If you would like a challenge, try some of the following: