Dear Parents, 

This is the information on how to access the required books online – All the books for the 5th Class Activities are in the Folen's books.

Topics for next 2 weeks in Maths


Wk1 – Multiplication and Division

Wk 2 – Decimals/ Fractions and Percentage


Please also practise multiplication and division times tables on a daily basis. Hit The Button is an excellent website for this.


 1. Multiplication and Division


Explanation Videos:


Multiplication –


Division –




Multiplication –

This webpage allows you to create your own worksheets and to choose the number of multiples you will use. For example, those who are very confident with multiplication may want to use a 4 digit number multiplied by a 2 or 3 digit number Eg: 4236 x 32). Please choose the 20 problems option.


More multiplication worksheets –


You can also choose one of these if you complete the other work –


Division – You can also create your long division problems.


More long division – Choose the sheet that challenges you, but one that you are able to solve.


Worded Problems – Pg 20 of this booklet has good division worded problems –



2. Decimals/ Fractions and Percentages

Explanation Videos:

Fractions recap:

Maths Antics has great videos on Fractions/ Decimal and Percentages


Simplifying fractions:


Fractions and Decimals:

Converting Fractions to Decimals:


Fractions/ Dec and Percentages:



Start at the first activity and work your way through (PLEASE DO NOT CHECK ANSWERS UNTIL THE END)