Literacy/ English Resources

Literacy/ English Resources

Reading Tips

Homeschooling tips for parents: How to make the most out of reading time

As an exclusive partner with Collins Big Cat, Folens are offering you free access to hundreds of book-banded readers.   

Follow this link to access 330+ free Collins Big Cat eBooks and a selection of downloadable worksheets to use alongside the books at home =>  

Follow the instructions (additional link redirects to Collins Connect) and register via the Teacher portal 👩‍🏫  

Username:   Password: Parents20!   


Free writing

Many pupils will be familiar with the concept of “free writing” and may have a special notebook or journal in which they write freely about any topic of choice, and in any genre. This is a simple idea that can be continued in the home setting. Children have the autonomy to decide what they wish to write about and there are a variety of different styles that they can practice:

  • Diary writing (personal accounts)
  • Recount writing (a report of an event)
  • Fiction (short stories)
  • Instructional writing (e.g. rules of a game *the children can even come up with a new idea and create their own game!)
  • Poetry (Limericks, acrostic poems etc.) (offer a free 7-day trial)

Letter writing

Post from a pen-pal and the anticipation of awaiting the arrival of a response may be lost in our global world where social media has taken over the art of writing, but this may be the time to resurrect that magic!

Another interesting idea is to chart the journey of a letter from the writer to the recipient. An Post have an educational resource on their website

Children can also design their own stamp or begin a collection of stamps and look out for special commemorative stamps that were commissioned by An Post to celebrate a particular occasion.


If parents are venturing out to shop and stock up on groceries, children can help by writing the list of what is needed. Depending on the age of the child, elements of mathematics could be incorporated here estimating prices and weights etc. Children could also work out which option is better value (e.g. two individual boxes containing 80 teabags or one box with 160 etc.)

Book review

We all know that a grá for reading is one of the most important gifts that we can pass on to our children. Use this opportunity to read a wide selection of books. Children can then write a review, give their personal opinion, talk about their favourite character and give a star rating. They may have a chance to present this in front of an audience in their own home (i.e. immediate family – maintain social distance!)


All Levels

Epic! is an online library which offers over 35000 resources including “Read to Me” books, audiobooks, student tracking, reading level linkage with Accelerated Reader and other reading levelling schemes. It also offers high interest texts such as National Geographic Kids and Guinness Book of Records. It is suitable for children from ages 4-12.

Gill Explore

Junior Infants to 2nd Class

Gill Education has provided free access to to all of the pupil resources from Junior Infants to 2nd Class from our Over the Moon complete Primary English Language programme.

Pupil resources for programme include:

  • Skills Books
  • All readers
  • Pupil’s digital resources

Notes: Sign up required. For any digital support queries, please contact 01 500 9542 or

Edco Learning

All Class Levels

Pupil resources for programme include:

  • Skills Books
  • All readers
  • Pupil’s digital resources

Notes: Username: primaryedcobooks  Password: edco2020 


All class levels

If you or your child/children or parent/s are a member of the local library, you can access an App or website called BorrowBox. It is free. I use it for audio books and also, ebook. There is a children’s section.

Notes: To register, you need your library card which has your membership number on the back.


All class levels

Vooks is committed to being a resource for families to keep kids reading at home.  Vooks can also be a welcome distraction for parents, allowing them to enjoy time with their kids, watching and discussing books together. To help, we have created take-home lesson plans that can be shared with parents and guardians – built to provide children with 20 minutes a day of read aloud time and activities.

Notes: Free one month, sign up required

Oxford Owl Ebook Reader Library

Junior Classes

Oxford Owl has an ebook library with over 250 books in it and offers free access to teachers and parents once you create an account at They also have some vocabulary and comprehension activities for most of the books.

Writing Legends

Junior Classes

As part of their Assistance for Schools response to Coronavirus they are providing Writing Legends free of charge through to July 31, 2020. Writing Legends is a comprehensive writing program, containing hundreds of activities for students in grades 3 to 6. The regular price is $11.50 (USD) per student.

Infants to Fifth Class

This site covers phonics, dolch, Jolly Phonics including tricky word lists and practice reading sentences following the Spellbound order of words and more.

Rivet Reading

Infants to Fifth Class

Rivet Reading App by Google is not available in the EU, but the web version of the books, with reading is. High Interest Reading books are available with help for pupils with words that are not easily decodable. Topics range from Animals to History, Sport to Science .Very useful for reluctant readers and self-guided.

Teach Your Monster to Read

Infants to 1st Class. 

Teach Your Monster to Read is a fun activity that helps infants work on everything from initial sounds, CVC words, blends and digraphs all the way to full words and sentences. The Web platform is free for teachers and students (the App costs, but is not necessary). Teachers can set up a class quite easily and can simplify passwords. Great fun game that children can engage with at home (although teachers cannot set sounds – pupils work through independently).


Reading Bear

A collection of well made free, multimedia phonics presentations:

Phonics Hero

● Supercharge Your Child’s Reading and Spelling Skills with Fun, Online Phonics Games  ● Educator accounts are free 


Spelling Shed

● 14 day free trial available for Spelling Shed  ● Make spelling lists with traditional printable practice sheets that follow the  look-cover-write-check format

Spelling City   30 Day Free Trial:   

Word lists for every subject and grade level  Practice for homework and enrichment  Boost confidence and reading comprehension  Independent practice  Easy parent set-up   



● Songs  ● Books  ● Games  ● Videos  ● Quizzes   ● Educator accounts are free    Reading: 



Handwriting Practice Sheets   

Writing Stories:   

Pobble 365 

● New picture uploaded everyday  ● Teacher or parent can read story starter and encourage children to write a story based on  picture   

Scholastics Story Starter 
● Slot machine interface  ● Generates elements of story that children can finish themselves