Dear Parents/Guardians,  


Please find enclosed a list of activities to be completed by your son for the week of the 23/03/20- 27/03/20. 



Please encourage your son to read a book a day while school is closed. The following link offers free ebooks. It will require you to register with the site. This is straight forward. You will be asked your name, email address and a password. 

Free eBook library – practise reading with phonics | Oxford Owl

Sight Words: 


We are currently working through these sight words in class. Pleas revise words 1-100. You will find flashcards for these words below.  



I have included a checklist for the first 100 words. This will help you track your child’s progress more effectively. 


Simply date the top of the column when you give assessments.  With these forms, the boys can each work at their own level!  Initially work on words 1-100. If some of these words are proving challenging, cut back on the quantity (focus on the first 25 over the week) 




The boys will be familiar with the concept of “free writing” and have a special copy in school in which they write freely about any topic of choice, and in any genre. This is a simple idea that can be continued in the home setting three times a week. Children have the autonomy to decide what they wish to write about and there are a variety of different styles that they can practice:
  • Diary writing (personal accounts) 

  • Recount writing (a report of an event) 

  • Fiction (short stories) 

  • Instructional writing (e.g. rules of a game *the children can even come up with a new idea and create their own game!) 

  • Poetry (Limericks, acrostic poems etc.) 

  • Shopping Lists