4th Class Learning Support – Maths

4th Class Learning Support – Maths

Mrs Doherty

5th May – 15th May

Mrs Doherty can be contacted during school hours by emailing cdoherty@scoillorcain.com


Dear Parents/Carers

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this difficult time. Please find activities that the boys can complete over the two week period, Tuesday 5th May – Friday 15th May.  There is no pressure to complete all activities, please do what you can.

If you have any queries about the work please do not hesitate to email me. Don’t forget you can send a photo of your work to me. I would love to see what you have done.

Mrs Doherty


We will be using books from both Gill & MacMillan and Edco websites so here is how to access them:

Here’s how to access the book ‘Maths Time 4’ from Edco:

1.      Go to www.edcolearning.ie/login

2.      Fill in username with: primaryedcobooks

3.      Fill in password with edco2020


Maths Time 4 (Edco)

Week 1:

Mental Maths: Week 3 p8, 9 & 10 Do 1 a day (e.g a Monday, b Tuesday)

Week 2

Mental Maths: Week 4 p11, 12 & 13


Week 1: Revision:

Complete the Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Fractions exercises that Ms Casey and Ms Flynn have put in their Maths plan. Don’t do the Long Multiplication as we haven’t covered this in our group yet.


 Cracking Maths (Gill & MacMillan) 4th Class ebook

Go to: https://content.yudu.com/web/1yssw/0A224cw/CM4/html/index.html?page=149&origin=reader



Week 1: Money

P145 Q 1 & 2

P146 Q 5, 6 & 7


Week 2: Continue the chapter on Money

P147 Q 1 – 6

P148 Q 1- 3 try Q 4 (word problems)

P150 Q 1 – 3

P151 Q 4 – 8


 Please spend some time on times tables. There are lots of games on www.topmarks.com. Try Super Maths Bowling/Tommy’s Trek/Mental Maths Train.