Learning Support – Maths

Learning Support – Maths

Ms. Drummey 

2nd June – 12th June 


Ms Drummey can be contacted during school hours by emailing adrummey@scoillorcain.com 



Ms Drummey’s 5th Class Maths 

Dear Parents/Guardians, 

Once again, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well. I hope you were able to collect packs of work for your son when the books were being distributed. Feel free to use the worksheets provided and or the work posted online. We’re all missing being in school. Please find enclosed work for the period 02/06/20-12/06/20.  You can choose to complete a few topics/activities a day. Please do not feel under pressure to complete all activities as I know households can be extremely busy. I do not want either yourselves or the boys to be feeling overwhelmed and stressed so please complete what suits you. Your wellbeing and that of the boys is the most important thing at this time. We will make every effort to catch up on the work that has been missed when we return to school. If you have any queries regarding this work please do not hesitate to contact me by email. Also, if the boys would like to email me a picture of any of the work that they have completed I would only be delighted to give them some feedback. 

Kind Regards, 

Ms Drummey 


To be completed daily: 

Daily Mental Maths: 


Tables Champion  


Week 1: 02/06/20-05/06/20 

Topic: Chance 

Complete the Following: 


  1. Below you will find a range of activities associated with the strand unit Chance. Prior to beginning here’s a little recap of what we should know 

What is chance? 

In Maths we talk about chance as the possibility of something happening. We use words like: 

  • Likely 

  • unlikely 

  • Possible 

  • Impossible 

  • Certain 

  • Never 

  • Always 


  1. Activities: 

There are 6 red balls and 1 blue ball in the bag. If I pick one ball from the  bag, what is the likelihood of the following outcomes?  

(write/say likely, impossible or unlikely) 

(a) It will be a green ball. 

(b) It will be a blue ball. 

(c)It will be a red ball. 


There are 6 cubes in a box. One is yellow and the rest are blue. If I pick two cubes from the box, what is the likelihood of the following outcomes? 

(write/say likely, possible or impossible) 

(a) The two cubes will be yellow. 

(b) The two cubes will be blue. 

(c)One will be blue and one will be yellow. 


Today is Sunday the 4thWrite one of these answers (certain, possible or impossible) 

(a) Tomorrow will be Monday. 

(b) Yesterday was Saturday. 

(c)It will rain tomorrow 

(d) The day after tomorrow will be Friday. 


Rolling Dice. When Alan rolls a dice, what are the chances of the following outcomes? (Write certain, possible, impossible, very likely or unlikely) 

(a) He will get a number from one to six. 

(b) He will get a number greater than one. 

(c)He will get a number greater than six. 

(d) He will get an even number. 

(e) He will get an odd number 


Tossing Coins: If I toss a coin, the outcome must be either heads or tails. If I get heads the first time, there is no guarantee that I will get tails the next time. Each toss is completely independent of the previous ones. It is complete chance. 


Coin Flip Investigation 


Flip one coin ten times and record each flip as a tally mark (one stroke |)  


Equipment you will need: 

    • Coin 

    • Pencil 

    • Paper 


    1. Flip the coin. 

    2. Record the result as a tally mark whether the coin landed on heads or tails on your piece of paper. 

    3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 nine more times (so that you have flipped the coin 10 times) 


What were your results 

Now you are going to repeat the experiment for 20 flips. Make a prediction on what you think the results will be. Will it be the same as your first set? Why/why not? 



Week 2: 08/06/20-12/06/20 

Topic: Symmetry 


  1. What is symmetry? Symmetry is when an object looks the exact same on one side as the other. To see if an object is symmetrical, you draw a line of symmetry or a line dividing an object to show a perfect match on each side. It’s like making a mirror image. 


  1. If you can complete some of the activities below: 

Using paper from your maths copy, fold the page in half to make your line of symmetry. Now create your own symmetrical picture. Don’t forget to take a photograph and email it on to me. I cannot wait to see your creations!!