Learning Support – Maths

Learning Support – Maths

Mrs Doherty

18th May – 29th May

Mrs Doherty can be contacted during school hours by emailing cdoherty@scoillorcain.com

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well during this difficult time. Please find activities that the boys can complete over the two week period, 18th May – Friday 29th May. Please only do what you can. You can also send me pictures of your work. I would love to see what you have done. Please email me if you have any difficulties and I will try to help as best I can. Hope to see you all soon.

Mrs Doherty

Here’s how to access the book ‘Maths Time 4’ from Edco:

1.      Go to www.edcolearning.ie/login

2.      Fill in username with: primaryedcobooks

3.      Fill in password with edco2020


Maths Time 4 (Edco)

Do 1 a day (e.g a Monday, b Tuesday)

Week 1: Mental Maths: Week 5 p14, 15 & 16


Week 2

Mental Maths: Week 6 p17, 18 & 19




Week 1 Revision

Monday – Addition


Using any number between 1 and 20 complete the magic square. In each square one row in each is complete. Add it up and your answer will be the total of each line. For example in number 1, the row that is complete adds up to 34 (16 + 4 + 1 +13). It’s the diagonal row. All rows going across and vertically need to add up to 34. Look at the example to help you.

Wednesday – Subtraction

Thursday – Fractions (Remember: divide by the bottom and multiply by the top number)

Friday – Bar Charts (For (f) remember you are finding the difference to see how many more children chose sports than news)

Week 2 – Time




Thursday – Multiplication