Learning Support – English

Learning Support – English

Ms. Penkert

2nd – 12th June 2020


Ms Penkert can be contacted during school hours by emailing apenkert@scoillorcain.com


Dear pupils and parents/guardians,

I hope you are all keeping well. We are very lucky to have such fantastic weather at the moment and I hope you are wearing plenty of sun screen when you are outside! This weather is a fantastic opportunity to get outside and get active! I have listed some work below for the next two weeks – 2nd June – 12th June.  As always this work is completely optional, please complete what you feel is possible. If you have any questions and would like to send me some of your work – please do so!  

Chat soon,

Ms. Penkert


Please continue to read on a daily basis. There are a number of options available online at the moment. Collins Big Cat is a graded reading resource which I feel would be very beneficial at this time. It does require a log in but at present they are offering parents free access. I will leave login details below, when you have gained access, click on ‘Collins Big Cat’ on the right side, on the next page the books will be displayed and on the left you will be able to select a ‘band’ to read, I would suggest starting at ‘Purple’, if you feel this level is too easy or too hard please feel free to change level.

Please click on the link below and use the below details to log in.


Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!


Please continue to revise the Dolch lists, phrases and sentences. Taking three lists per day and working through Dolch lists 1 -11, moving on to Dolch Phrases 1 – 11 and then on to Dolch Sentences 1 -11. They can be found here at the below link.


In addition to revising Dolch lists please continue reading Frys Instant Phrases – the first 100, the second 100 and the third 100. I will list them below. They can also be found at the below link.


First 100

The people

Write it down

By the water

Who will make it?

You and I

What will they do?

He called me.

We had their dog.

What did they say?

When would you go?

No way

A number of people

One or two

How long are they?

More than the other

Come and get it.

How many words?

Part of the time

This is a good day.

Can you see?

Sit down.

Now and then

But not me

Go find her.

Not now

Look for some people.

I like him.

So there you are.

Out of the water

A long time

We were here.

Have you seen it?

Could you go?

One more time

We like to write.

All day long

Into the water

It’s about time.

The other people

Up in the air

She said to go.

Which way?

Each of us

He has it.

What are these?

If we were older

There was an old man.

It’s no use.

It may fall down.

With his mom

At you house

From my room

It’s been a long time.

Will you be good?

Give them to me.

Then we will go.

Now is the time.

An angry cat

May I go first?

Write your name.

This is my cat.

That dog is big.

Get on the bus.

Two of us

Did you see it?

The first word

See the water

As big as the first

But not for me

When will we go?

How did they get it?

From here to there

Number two

More people

Look up.

Go down.

All or some

Did you like it?

A long way to go

When did they go?

For some of your people


Second 100

Over the river

My new place

Another great sound

Take a little.

Give it back.

Only a little

It’s only me.

I know why.

Three years ago

Live and play.

A good man

After the game

Most of the animals

Our best things

Just the same

My last name

That’s very good

Think before you act

Mother says to now.

Where are you?

I need help.

I work too much.

Any old time

Through the line

Right now

Mother means it.

Same time tomorrow

Tell the truth.

A little boy

The following day

We came home.

We want to go.

Show us around.

Form two lines.

A small house also

Another old picture

Write one sentence.

Set it up.

Put it there.

Where does it end?

I don’t feel well.

My home is large.

It turned out well.

Read the sentence.

This must be it.

Hand it over.

Such a big house

The men asked for help.

A different land

They went here.

Get the point.

Because we should

Even the animals

Try your best

Move over.

We found it here.

Study and learn

Kind of nice

Spell your name.

The good American

Change your clothes

Play it again.

Back off.

Give it away.

Answer the phone.

Turn the page.

The air is warm.

Read my letters.

It’s still here.

Where in the world

We need more

I study in school.

I’m an American.

Such a mess

Point it out.

Right now

It’s a small world.

Big and small

Home sweet home

Around the clock

Show and tell

You must be right.

Tell the truth.

Good and plenty

Help me out.

It turned out well.

It’s your place.

Good things

I think so.

Read the book.


Third 100

Near the car

Between the lines

My own father

In the country

Add it up

Read every story

Below the water

Plants and flowers

Will it last?

Keep it up.

Plant the trees.

Light the fire.

The light in your eyes

In my head

Under the earth

We saw the food.

Close the door.

The big city

We started the fire.

It never happened.

A good thought

Stay a while.

A few good men

Don’t open the door.

You might be right.

It seemed too good.

Along the way

Next time

It’s hard to open.

Something good

For example

In the beginning

Those other people a group of


We got together.

We left it here.

Both children

It’s my life

Always be kind.

Read the paper.

Run for miles.

Once upon a time

Do it often.

We walked four miles.

Until the end

A second later

Stop the music.

Read your book.

Sing your song.

State your case.

I miss you.

A very important person

On my side

I took the car.

So far so good

The young girl

My feet hurt.

The dark night

A good idea

It began to grow.

Watch the river.

White clouds

Too soon

Leave it to me.

I hear the waves.

Almost enough

Is it really true?

It’s time to eat.

Let me carry it.

Near the sea

Talk to my father.

The young face

The long list

My family

I cut myself.

Above the clouds

Watch the game.

The peaceful Indians

Without a care

I like being on the team.

The tall mountains

Next to me

A few children

A long life

A group of Indians

He started to cry.

I hear the sea.

An important idea

The first day of school

Almost four miles



1st – 5th June 2020

Sentence Starters: In a copy book, please create sentences beginning with each sentence starter list below. Try to make two different sentences for each sentence starter.  

  1. I see an…
  2. I liked the…
  3. I liked my…
  4. This is my…
  5. Look at my…

The below sentences are missing their full stops and capital letters. Rewrite the sentences in your copy book and add in what is missing.

  1. i brush my hair every morning
  2. a baby sheep is called a lamb
  3. the girls were climbing the tree outside
  4. there was cake in the shop yesterday
  5. she sat on the bench and watched the birds
  6. my mother and father help me with my school work

Read the Words.








In your copy book, write these sentences again but use one of the words above instead of the word ‘good’. Read the sentences.

  1. We all felt good when we won the prize.
  2. Teacher read us a good story about a monster who eats trees.
  3. I saw a good film about young boy with magic powers.
  4. Laura was ill but she is good now.
  5. Ken’s mum has a good car.
  6. We all had a good time at Tom’s party.


Finish the Sentences.

  1. I feel fantastic when                                                                              .
  2. I feel super when                                                                                  .
  3. I feel great when                                                                                   .
  4. I feel fine when                                                                                    .

Reading Comprehension

“The Hedgehog”

All the leaves had turned brown and had fallen off the trees.  The back garden was covered in them.

‘I will tidy up the leaves in the garden’, said Dad to Aoife.

‘That’s nice,’ said Aoife.

‘And you will help me,’ said Dad with a grin.

‘Do I have to?’ said Aoife.

‘Come on,’ said Dad.

Out they went.  Dad had some big black bin bags.  Aoife carried the brush and the rake.  She wasn’t happy about it.  Dad began to brush up the leaves.  Aoife sound a big pile of leaves by the wall.  She started putting the leaves into a bag.  Then, she found the hedgehog.  It was curled up in the leaves, fast asleep.

‘Dad! Look!’ Aoife was amazed.  Dad looked down at the sleeping hedgehog and smiled.

‘That little fellow is curled up asleep for the winter,’ he said. ‘He is hibernating.’

‘What will we do?’ asked Aoife.

‘We will cover him up with these leaves and let him sleep,’ said Dad. ‘He will wake up on the spring.’

And that is exactly what they did.

Answer the Questions.

  1. Who went to tidy the garden?
  2. What did they bring with them?
  3. Do you think Aoife liked cleaning up the garden?
  4. Why was the hedgehog surled up in the leaves?
  5. What did they do with the hedgehog?
  6. What time of year do you think it is?

True or False

  1. The garden was tidy.                    
  2. Dad carried the brush and the rake.                 
  3. Aoife put the leaves into the bin bag.                       
  4. Dad found a sleeping hedgehog in the leaves.                     
  5. Aoife was amazed to find the hedgehog.                   
  6. The hedgehog woke up and ran away.                     


8th – 12th June 2020

Sentence Starters: In a copy book, please create sentences beginning with each sentence starter list below. Try to make two different sentences for each sentence starter.  

  1. I see the…
  2. This is a…
  3. Look at the…
  4. Here is a…
  5. It is a…

Capital letters

Start these word with capital letters.
















new york

croke park









The below sentences are missing their full stops and capital letters. Rewrite the sentences in your copy book and add in what is missing.

  1. my friend jack went to spain
  2. jenny lives in america
  3. waterford and cork were playing hurling in dublin
  4. paula come from kilkenny
  5. sam and bed went to like in galway
  6. kangaroos come from Austraila

Read these moving words.










Use the moving words from the word box above to finish these sentences.

  1. Jack           as fast as he could in the race.
  2. The blackbird                into our garden.
  3. A huge kangaroo                   out into the middle of the road.
  4. The rabbits                   in the field.
  5. We saw the red fire engine as it                        down the road.
  6. A creepy hairy spider              up the wall of my bedroom.
  7. The diver                     to the bottom of the sea.
  8. There was a loud noise as the rocks                   down the mountain.

Reading Comprehension

‘The Letter’

3 Woodfield Road,


Co. Wexford

Y79 4347

Tuesday 21st August


Dear Jack,

Thank you for having me to stay with you last week.  I had a great time.

I loved going to the pool every day with you.  You are so lucky to love near the activity centre.  It was great to see Storm Clouds 3 at the cinema on Saturday too.  I enjoyed the popcorn.  Tell Jess that I miss him.  He’s a really nice dog. 

Please tell Aunt Mary and Uncle Ken that I loved their cooking (I didn’t tell my parents that!)

Would you like to come down to Wexford to stay with me next weekend? Let me know.

All the best, write soon,



Answer the questions.

  1. Where does Max live?
  2. When did Max write the letter?
  3. Who did he stay with?
  4. What did Max do while he stayed with Jack?
  5. Why will Jack have to write back quickly?
  6. Are Max and Jack just friends or are they related?

True or False

  1. Max lives in Dublin.                     
  2. Jack stayed with Max.                 
  3. Max lives near a swimming pool.                    
  4. The boys went to the cinema.                

Finish the sentences

  1. Max had a                   time in              ‘s house.
  2. He              going to the pool every day.
  3. Jack’s                 and                   are really good cooks.
  4. Max wants Jack to visit him in                        .

Write to Max

Pretend that you are Jack, Write back to Max. Tell him your news an reply to his invitation to stay.