3rd Class Learning Support – English


Ms. Penkert

5th May  – 15th May



Ms. Penkert can be contacted during school hours by emailing apenkert@scoillorcain.com


Dear pupils and parents/guardians,

I hope you are keeping safe and well at this time. It is a very strange time and I’m sure you are missing school and all your classmates. Below are some activities for the next two weeks May 5th until May 15th.  Please complete what you feel is possible of this work, there is no pressure to complete it all. It is optional work.

I hope you are enjoying our nice weather and getting out and about playing some sports.

Chat soon,

Ms. Penkert



Please continue to read on a daily basis. There are a number of options available online at the moment. Collins Big Cat is a graded reading resource which I feel would be very beneficial at this time. It does require a log in but at present they are offering parents free access. I will leave login details below, when you have gained access, click on ‘Collins Big Cat’ on the right side, on the next page the books will be displayed and on the left you will be able to select a ‘band’ to read, I would suggest starting at ‘Turquoise’, if you feel this level is too easy or too hard please feel free to change level.

Please click on the link below and use the below details to log in.


Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!


Please continue to revise the Dolch lists, phrases and sentences. Taking three lists per day and working through Dolch lists 1 -11, moving on to Dolch Phrases 1 – 11 and then on to Dolch Sentences 1 -11. They can be found here at the below link. 


In addition to revising Dolch lists please begin reading Frys Instant Phrases – the first 100. I will list them below. They can also be found at the below link.



May 5th – May 8th 2020.

Sentence Starters: In a copy book, please create sentences beginning with each sentence starter list below. In class we have been using these sentence starters and making 3 different sentences for each. 

1.   This is the…

2.   We can…

3.   I like to go…

4.   Look at me…

5.   I run to…


The below sentences are missing their full stops and capital letters. Rewrite the sentences in your copy book and add in what is missing.

1.   cats can see really well in the dark

2.   it is always good to help your friends

3.   my favourite food is cake

4.   the wolf started to chase the sheep

5.   my dog took a swim in the pond


Read the Words.

















Use the words above to finish these sentences:

1.   Jack went            the stairs to go to bed.

2.   The dog ran                the road,            the cat.

3.   Kate looked                 and          before she walked                 the road.

4.   Mike hid the present               his bed.

5.   The horse jumped           the wall.

6.   I put my book         my bag           my desk

7.   I took my pencil           of my pencil case.

8.   The truck drove           the tunnel.


Reading Comprehension


We have lost our black and white kitten.

She is called Fluff.

She is ten weeks old.

She was last seen on Tuesday afternoon.


Fluff likes to climb trees and hid under sheds.

She Loves milk and is very friendly.

Please call 080 – 4342599 if you find her.

Bring her back to us safe and sound and we will give you a reward.

The Nash Family.

Answer the Questions.

1.   What kind of animal is lost.

2.   What does she look like? Draw a picture.

3.   Where do you think she might be?

4.   What would you do if you found her?

5.   What does ‘safe and sound’ mean? Put it in a sentence.

6.   Why is the family giving a reward for finding the kitten?

Finish the Sentence.

1.   The kittens name is               .

2.   She is                  weeks old.

3.   She is a              and                   kitten.

4.   She loves to                 and           under               .

5.   Fluff likes to drink                 .

6.   She is very          .

Create a poster.

Make a poster for a missing pet (real or imaginary). Tell the reader how to contact you. Will you give a reward?


11th May – 15th May 2020.

Sentence Starters: In a copy book, please create sentences beginning with each sentence starter list below. In class we have been using these sentence starters and making 3 different sentences for each. 

1.   Can you…

2.   Can you see…

3.   I was…

4.   I look at…

5.   I play…


The below sentences are missing their full stops and capital letters. Rewrite the sentences in your copy book and add in what is missing.

1.   mum took a photo with her phone

2.   the girl hit her chin on the sharp rock

3.   a mouse is smaller than an elephant

4.   pat pressed the phone with his thumb

5.   she got some sweets in the shop


Asking Questions

Read these question words.










Use the words above to finish these questions. Read your questions.

1.                    is your name?

2.                    hurt her arm in the yard?

3.                    Did I put my book?

4.                    Is lunch time?

5.                    Do you do?

6.                    Is the sky blue?


Write your own questions for these answers.


1.   Question.                                                                                  

Answer.      My name is Jim.


2.   Question.                                                                                  

Answer.      Kate’s dog is called spot.


3.   Question.                                                                                  

Answer.      We do P.E. on Thursdays.


Reading Comprehension


Sally loved puddles.  She really loved jumping into them and seeing the water splash in big muddy drops on the ground.  Mum was cross when she came home wet.

‘What a disaster! Just look at you,’ she would say. ‘Keep out of those puddles, Sally!’

But Sally just loved those puddles. Then, one day after it had rained, Sally spotted a huge puddle on the path near her house.  She had her boots on.

She didn’t think about Mum being cross. All she could think of was the lovely splash she would make when she jumped in.  Sally looked at the muddy brown water in the puddle. It just looked so good.

She took a big deep breath and jumped up as high as she could. Then she came down into the puddle with a giant splash. This was no puddle. It was a pool! In a flash, Sally was up to her feet, then her ankles, then her knees and then her hips in muddy water. Her boots were full and her jeans were wet.

This would be very hard to explain to Mum.

Answer the questions.

1.   What did Sally love?

2.   What did Mum tell Sally to do?

3.   What did Sally spot after all the rain?

4.   Why was Mum cross when Sally jumped in puddles?

5.   Why do you think Sally did not do as she was told?

6.   Do you think Sally was happy after she jumped in the big puddle?

Finish the sentences.

1.   Sally loved          and          .

2.   One day, Sally spotted a                 puddle near her house.

3.   She took a big deep              and           up high.