James Strikes !!!

James in Mrs Walker’s 2nd Class wrote a lovely story about being a player and experiencing success with Man United.  Dream big and great things will happen!

James  O’Byrne  strikes

 Written by James O’Byrne

When I  was a kid  I loved  football  and I loved  Manchester United.

I  played  for  Villa Fc.

One  day  at  training I  saw  a woman  then  at the end of  training  when I was  walking  out of  Villa  Fc she  walked  over to me and said  I  know  that you  love  Manchester United  and I  work  for them. Would you like to  play  for  Manchester united.

I said of course and  then she  asked me if she could  speak to   my parents so  I called  my  parents  over. She asked my parents if they  wanted to  live  in  Manchester.

My  parents  said  yes. It was   my 2nd  flight  ever .when I got back  home we  all  started  packing.

We are  going  tomorrow morning. I never had  so much  butterflies in my  stomach with  excitement. We were  on the  plane  before we  new  it.

 Then my mam whispered  into my  ear  we are  at Manchester  and  we are  ontop  of the  Manchester United  Stadium .

Then  one  wheel dropped  and  then  2.

Then  the  plane  stopped. When  I was  walking out of the plane  there was a man  at  the  door  .

He said  James O’Byrne.

I  stopped. I asked him  in  shock. How do you know  my name. He  laughed and said  I  know everyone’s  name. I said everyone’s name. So I  kept  walking.

When  I  was 17 years old I  was on the  Manchester United  u23 and I was  about to go  onto the  big  Manchester United.

In  my  first  match  for  Manchester united  I was named  on the  bench  vs leicester  City.

Then 3 days  later  I  was  off  the  Manchester United  U23  team.

My  first   football match was  against  Sheffield  Wensday in the  FA  Cup  and  it was brilliant.

I  scored  5  goals. I  was  delighted and   the  United supporters  were  delighted and impressed.

I was so  good  at  football  at  a young age  I was named  on the  first  team. My  parents were  nearly  the  happiest  people  on  land aswel as  me.

I was  starting to  get  very  rich. My  mam and dad  lived in my house. My  big sister  Zara  is a dentist.

She  has  4 kids. 3 girls  and  their  names are  Matilda  Eamer and Romey. And she has 1 boy called Harry.

They  are  on a  plane  now  going to  Manchester Airport.

2  days  later.

I am  playing  against Arsenal in the  Europa Cup  final.  When I was  walking  onto  the  Arsenal  pitch  I was   scared. What  would  happen  if I  played  badly  today. We got  tip  for the first  half  Jack  willson  took  the tip   .

He  passed  it to me  and  the  game was on.  I ran  with the  ball  very quickly and  ran to the  left  wing  my  manager  shouted   up  to me  pass the ball  and  run  back to  midfield.

But I  didn’t . I  Passed   it  and  ran  past the  fastest  Arsenal player  I got  the ball  back 

from  my  team mate  and  kept  running  with  the  ball  and ran  into the  Arsenal  defence  all  of the  defenders  were  on me  but I  still  scored. We  won the  Europa  Cup.

After  that  great  game  the Manchester United  supporters  called me  baby  cavany.

We  were  back in the  Champions league. But we  still  know  that  the  Champions league 

is very hard to  win.

8  Months later. Against Byran Munich . Quarter final  . Champions league.

We were  playing against  the Champions league  winners last  year.

Byran  Munich  2

Manchester united 3

Manchester united  goals 

James O’Byrne

James O’Byrne

James O’Byrne

It was  brilliant  and  amazing.

I scored  a hat trick.

P S G 0

Manchester united  2

Manchester united goals

Jack  Wilson

James O’Byrne

We are playing  in the  final  of the  Champions league vs  Liverpool and  Liverpool  have 2  brilliant players.

Champions League  final  day. 

We all  felt  scared  walking  into the dressing room  in  Wembley  stadium .We  all  kept  each  other  company  as we were  putting  our  kits  on  I was  the  captain  for Manchester united  . All the other  players  trusted me.

Then we  all  got  in a  line.  We got  tip  for the first  half.   Before  I  passed  the  ball  to  start the  game  the  Manchester United  supporters  started  singing  Glory glory man united.  then  I  passed the  ball .I  passed the  ball to  Jack  Wilson.  Liverpools  2  brilliant  players  are  Daragh  Nevil and  Luke  Nevin. Them 2  are  marking  me. Then  I  ran  past  Nevin and  Nevil.

Then I striked the ball and  it  just  went  wide .

Then we  had to go to  extra  time. In the  last minute  of the  game  I  had  the  ball  and I  ran  with it. just  outside of the box  I  got a  free. I  kicked the ball  very high. Over the  wall.

The  goalkeeper  dived  high                    AND  I  PUT  THE  BALL  TOP  CORNER.  At the end of the  match I took a picture with  all of my  family .Now  I have  The biggest house in  Manchester.