Idea for a Tuesday

Hey everyone, 

Came across this cool project and will be sharing it bit by bit over the week, if you wanted to get started on it.
I'll put up a different task for it everyday until it's complete so here it is;




 Project #1:

For project number one you will be building or creating your own country! This project will assess your research skills, critical thinking and problem solving, and give you an opportunity to do what we all would like to do: RULE YOUR OWN COUNTRY! $$$



1. Your country must be located somewhere on the surface of the Earth. You can’t colonize the moon, sun, etc. or form your own planet. You can create an island or you can place your country between real countries, the choice is yours.

2. Based on the location of your country your climate and vegetation (plants) must be realistic. You cannot have a tropical forest in a desert. IT. MUST. BE. LOGICAL.



 Task I: The Country

Build a country of your own. Use your imagination. The sky is the limit, so have fun. Want your country to be underground? Go for it! Want your people to speak only in monosyllabic grunts? Fine! Just remember that it must be logical, and you must answer the questions provided in detail about your country. Task one asks you to complete eight questions in detail about your country. The questions MUST be answered in correct full sentence format; beginning capitalization and ending punctuation are a must. ALL EIGHT QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED. 

Will put the 8 questions in the next post on the website.

Mr. Moloney