Happy Monday

Happy Monday  !


Hope every one is staying safe and being mindful and respectful of the people around you especially your parents. 



Below find a few exercises you can do to shake off those cobwebs from the weekend and get up and get active in the comfort of your own home.


HIIT Sessions


Stick on your favourite upbeat playlist and try out these exercises one after the other. To give yourself a bigger challenge, do each circuit twice or three times or more!


Session1 – 5 x 25


1.     25 jumping jacks

2.     25 squats

3.     25 seconds run on the spot

4.     25 push ups

5.     25 seconds plank


Session 2 – legs moving


1.    30 seconds run on the spot

2.    30 seconds high knees

3.    30 seconds jumping jacks

4.    30 seconds butt kicks

5.    30 seconds jog on the spot


Session 3 – up and down


1.     30 seconds jumping jacks

2.     30 seconds mountain climbers

3.     30 seconds run on the spot

4.     30 seconds plank

5.     30 seconds burpees !





Have a family disco – stick on your favourite tunes and bop around the room for 20 minutes.


Keep safe and practice good social distancing 


Mr. Moloney