4th Class Learning Support – English

Mrs McGovern

20th April – 1st May

Mrs McGovern can be contacted during school hours by emailing lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com

Hi everybody,


I hope you are well and keeping busy. When the weather is nice, its great to get some fresh air. If you have a garden, you can look for the signs of spring all around us now. You could even hide some eggs, make a map and have an egg hunt for other people in your family! 



Below is a really interesting website where you can look up information on lots of topics- octopuses, the Grand Canyon in America, and even sailing. You can explore places around the world and look up science projects too!



Please don’t worry if you cannot get through the activities that I’ve assigned below. Choose a book or topic that interests you to get you going and just do your best. A little bit every day makes all the difference and will make school a bit easier when we return. If you cant print something out, don’t worry you can copy it onto a notebook or copy, whatever you have.

I can’t wait to get back to school, it feels like a very long time since I’ve seen you all.


Warm regards, 

L McGovern 


Please use the dolch list below to learn your spellings.


Please learn five every night and write them into sentences.

You can practice your cursive handwriting with the following worksheets (again don’t worry if you cant print them, copying them from the screen is ok.)


This is a comprehension story about a zoo. I have also attached worksheets and books to read on the theme of animals and the zoo.


The following books can be read along with the narrator and the the second time by your child by themselves. Please don’t be under pressure to read one every day, one read over two days is perfect.
There are activities and questions at the bottom of the pages as you read. 
Here are some other books you might enjoy
Verbs are action or doing words. Run, walk, jump, talk and write are examples of verbs, They can have -ed and ing at the end of them.
 Please use the worksheet below to revise the work we have done on action words.