Learning Support – English

Learning Support – English

Mrs. Cullen 

June 15th – 26th 2020

Mrs Cullen can be contacted during school hours by emailing ncullen@scoillorcain.com



3rd Class English Rotation Group

Plan of Work June 15th – 26th 2020


Virtual Sports Day!!

Please visit https://www.wcsligo.ie and click on virtual sports day.

Have fun!


General Knowledge Quiz

  1. What is a group of lions called?
  2. The word “canine” refers to what kind of animal?
  3. How many days are in a week?
  4. What two colours should I mix together to make green?
  5. How many months are in a year?
  6. What sport would I be playing if I had a sliotar?
  7. How many seasons are in a year?
  8. Who is the president of the United States?
  9. If I had a dozen eggs, how many would I have?
  10. In what season does Christmas fall?
    Don’t peek at the answers yet! Try your best.

           Answers are below…..





  1. A pride
  2. Dog
  3. 7
  4. Yellow + blue
  5. 12
  6. Hurling
  7. 4
  8. Donald Trump
  9. 12
  10. Winter


How many did you get right? Well done!

Have a great Summer