English Resources

1st class work



Dear Parents/Guardians,

Hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. Please find some activities below that can be completed by the boys while the school is closed. You can choose a few activities each day between now and Easter and we will add to this list if necessary then. 

Kind Regards,


Mrs. Moore, Mrs Walker and Ms. Power




·         Stories (e.g. fairy tales, adventure, comedy etc.), e-books (e.g. oxfordowl.co.uk) poems, comics, magazines, instructions, recipes, poems.

·         Listen to stories on ‘storylineonline’ and on audiblestories.com




·         Create your own comic book/ magazine.

·         Write a daily diary entry

·         Make up a game, writing your own rules/instructions.

·         Create a timetable of what you are doing each day

·         Write a song

·         ‘My News’

·         Short story: e.g. ‘The day the world changed’,  ‘If I had a superpower’; ‘If I had the cure for Covid-19’; ‘If I was a Doctor’; ‘Making my own hand sanitizer’; ‘What I miss/don’t miss about school’; ‘Creating my own Easter Egg’; ‘Working at the Easter Bunny’s chocolate factory’ etc..)

·         Mother’s Day cards for mums/ Granny’s/ guardians.

·         Happy Easter Cards!

·         Freewriting topics: e.g. ‘Spring is here!’; ‘Easter’; ‘Designing an Easter egg’; ‘How to plant and grow spring flowers; ‘Farm animals’; ‘Springtime on the Farm’; ‘My favourite superhero’; ‘My favourite t.v. programme’, ‘My favourite animal’

·         Character profiles based on characters from fairy tales/stories or based on parents/ siblings/ neighbours/ friends!

·         Show your child a picture or a photo and ask them to write about it… this can be anything – a superhero, a landscape, animals etc. (There are lots of options available online, in books, magazines and newspapers)

·         Ask your child to predict what they think happened in the lead up to or after a given picture. Get them to write a short story/a couple of sentences based on their prediction.



·         Templates for correct formation of capital and lower case letters can be found  online.

·         When writing don’t forget the rules: A capital letter at the start of a sentence, a finger space between each word, a full stop at the end of a sentence.




Oral Language

·         Enable your child to speak and be listened to.

·         Ask your child questions and listen to what they have to say.

·         Speak to them about how they are feeling, how their days are going, things they might like to do, their favourite games, tv programmes, friends, foods, drinks, places they’ll look forward to going to and things they’ll look forward to doing when everything is back to normal.

·         Discuss stories, news, weather, nature, songs, tv programmes, games.

·         Allow them to help you cook/bake/do house work and chat with them as you do these things, using directions/instructions etc. to guide them.

·         Play some language games e.g. ‘I Spy’, ‘The ‘Yes’ Game’, ‘Hangman’ etc.