Learning Support – English

Mrs. Cullen 

May 5th – 15th
Mrs Cullen can be contacted during school hours by emailing ncullen@scoillorcain.com


Please access “New Treasury 3” on www.folensonline.ie

How to access:

Folens E books:

  1. Go to www.folensonline.ie
  2. Click Register
  3. Select Teacher
  4. Fill in a username and password (make up your own)
  5. Roll Number: Prim20




Week 5:

Comprehension: “Pied Piper” pg 6,  answer Q’s on pg 7 (Part A only)

Grammar: capital letters pg 9 (full page)

Writing: Time Connectives pg 10 (Part A only)

 NB: Time Connectives are words we use to indicate time in a story we are writing. For example: Today, I will write a letter to my cousin Pat. He will receive it tomorrow. In the meantime, I will wait.


Week 6:

Comprehension: “The Blue Whale,” read pg 12, answer Q’s on pg 13 (Part A only)

Grammar: punctuation pg 15 (full page)

Writing: “Mind Map” pg 16 (Part A only)