1st Class Plan of Work

1st Class Plan of Work

Mrs Moore/Mrs Walker & Ms Power

2nd – 12th June 2020

This 2 week plan applies to all boys in Mrs Moore/Mrs Walker and Ms Power’s 1st Class from Tuesday 2nd – Friday 12th June 2020.

Mrs Moore can be contacted during school hours by emailing smoore@scoillorcain.com

Mrs Walker can be contacted during school hours by emailing mwalker@scoillorcain.com

Ms Power can be contacted during school hours by emailing kpower@scoillorcain.com


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We hope you are all keeping well and the boys are outside enjoying being outside in this great weather. We are delighted that you have collected the boy’s school books as this should make it easier for them to complete some of the work listed below. Please note that we have kept their 1st Class Maths books in school. These will be passed on to their 2nd class teachers, who will complete the 1st Class maths programme in September and October.  As we have said before there is no pressure to complete work, just do what you can.

Please email any one of us at our school email addresses if you have any questions about the work. Also, if you would like to email any completed work to us we would be delighted to read it.

Kind Regards,

Mrs. Moore, Mrs Walker and Ms. Power





Spellings: ‘Spellbound 1’ textbook

  • Wk 31 (p64 and 65) – This is the last week of spellings and spelling tests (!).
  • Test your child on all 16 words on Friday by mixing them up when calling them out. The boys should write them out without help


  • Wk 32 (p66 and 67) – Revision wks 25 to 31





  • ‘Dolch’ sight reading lists 9 and 10 for the next fortnight:
  • Boys should practice reading these words aloud for you each day and be able to read them all without help by Friday.


    Dolch list 9


























Dolch list 10



























  • If you have access to the www.cjfallon.ie  website please complete ‘My Read at Home’ Book 1 e-book – from p117 to p120.


  • Continue to read each day from the following: books, poems, comics, magazines and e-books e.g. www.oxfordowl.co.uk

    * Public Libraries are expected to reopen on Monday June 8th  




    Writing: ‘A Way with Words 1’ textbook

  • Complete the story ‘Stop that Rabbit’ in your ‘A Way with Words 1’ textbook p62.


  • Write out ‘My News’ once a week – 3 or 4 sentences about what you have been doing and draw a picture.


  • ‘Freewriting’ once a week – choose your own topic e.g. ‘A list of things I would bring to the beach’.


    *Don’t forget the following rules when writing:

    – A capital letter at the start of a sentence,

    – A finger space between each word,

    – A full stop at the end of a sentence.




    Handwriting: ‘Just Handwriting’ textbook

  • Practice handwriting the following capital letters:
    • Q (p41), R (p57), S (p42), T (p48), U (p54)
    • Please look at the top of each page or online for proper capital letter formation
    • Complete these letters also in your small ‘Just Handwriting’ practise book




Phonics: ‘A Way with Words 1’ textbook

  • Final sound ‘ing’ – p56
  • Initial blends ‘br’, ‘tr’,’dr’ and ‘gr’ – p71




Grammar: Adjectives

  • Explain that an adjective is a ‘describing’ word e.g. red, large, scary, old, hard etc.
  • Google ‘English Grammar – Learn Adjectives’ on You Tube and look at the videos to help understand what an adjective is.
  • Write these sentences in your copy and underline the adjective in each sentence  e.g. Mum drives a red car.
  1.   Tom is a fast runner.
  2.  Sarah ate some fresh pineapple.
  3.   The chef made a chocolate cake.
  4.   The baby’s clothes were dirty.
  5.   I had a cold drink yesterday.
  6.   Dad works in a busy office.
  7.   They played with a bouncy ball.
  8.   It was a windy day.
  9.   Jack ate a spicy pizza.
  10. James has neat handwriting.




Comprehension: ‘A Way with Words 1’ textbook

  • ‘Hiding in the Woods’ p63




    ‘Cloze’ exercise: ‘A Way with Words 1’ textbook

  • ‘The Parcel’ p53



Oral Language:

  • Continue to enable your child to speak and be listened to – ask your child questions and listen to what they have to say and continue to discuss stories they have read, news, weather, nature, tv programmes, games they play etc.
  • Talk to your child about the Science, Geography and History topics for this fortnight.




    Oral Revision:

  • Comhaireamh daoine (counting people): duine amháin – 1, beirt – 2, triúr – 3, ceathrar – 4,  cúigear – 5, seisear – 6, seachtar – 7, ochtar – 8, naonúir – 9, deichnúir – 10


  • Ainmhithe (animals): peata (pet), madra (dog), cat (cat), iasc (fish), luch (mouse), éan (bird), coinín (rabbit), capall (horse), cearc (hen), muc (pig), bó (cow), asal (donkey), caora (sheep)



Writing: ‘Bua na Cainte 1’ textbook

  • Téama (theme) – ‘Sa Bhaile’ (In the House)

p63: ‘Tá _____ agam.’ (I have a _____.)

p64: ‘Ceangail na hUimhreacha’ (Join the numbers)

      ‘Seo mo mhadra.              (This is my dog)

      Thug Daidi an madra dom.   (Daddy gave the dog to me)

      Bran is ainm dó.’              (Bran is his name)

p66: ‘Na Trí Mhuc’ (‘The Three Pigs’). Dathaigh an pictiúr. (Colour the picture)



  • Téama – ‘An Teilifis’ (The Television)

p67: ‘Bí ag Caint’ (say): Foclóir éagsúla (some vocabulary)

p68: ‘Bí ag Léamh’ (read):  ‘Chuala mé _____.’ (I heard a ______.)

p69: ‘Bí ag Scríobh’ (write): ‘Chuala mé ______.’ (I heard a ______.)




Weekly Tables and Oral Maths:

  • Revise tables: (Google ‘addition/subtraction tables’ online)

    Week 1: +9 to + 12

    Week 2: -1 to -4

  • Continue to play ‘Tables Champion’ daily with your child.
  • As we are now revising these tables test you child each Friday by calling out 20 of these tables randomly for them to write down and answer.


    Written Maths:

    Topic 1 – Revision of Addition:

  • Please write these sums out in your copy:
  1. 6 + __ = 10


  2. __ + 3 = 7


  3. 5 + __ = 9


  4. __ + 4 = 6


  5. 7 + __ = 11


  6. __ + 10 = 13


  7. 8 + __ = 12


  8. __ + 5 = 11


  9. 7 + __ = 14


  10. __ + 9 = 15


  • Make up more sums yourself, like those above!



Topic 2 – Weight (how heavy/light something is):

  • Go over the vocabulary of weight light, lighter, lightest, heavy, heavier, heaviest and use objects around the house to explain these e.g. ‘This bag of flour is heavier than that banana’; ‘This packet of crisps is lighter than that bag of sugar’ etc.
  • Give your son the opportunity to feel the weight of various items  in the kitchen. Put a light object in one hand and a heavy object in the other hand. Can they tell by holding them which is lighter/heavier?
  • Explain that we use kilograms (kg) and grams (g) to measure weight. We use kilograms to measure the weight of a heavy object and we use grams to measure the weight of a light object. There are 1000 grams (g) in a kilogram (kg).  

    *     It is important to note that something big is not necessarily heavier than something small. For example a large box of shredded paper may well be lighter than a small metal saucepan……

  • If you can access the 1st class ‘Cracking Maths’ e-book on www.gillexplore.ie/products , read through and talk about p152 (Q1 only), p154 and p155. (These pages will be completed in Sept/October with your son’s 2nd class teacher)
  • Please note: In this chapter your son is asked to estimate whether objects are heavier/lighter.  Remember that an estimate is a sensible guess!








  • A magnet is a very special metal that can ‘pull’ some types of objects towards it or ‘push’ them away.
  • If something has iron in it a magnet can ‘pull’ on it.
  • Look up ‘Cartoons for Kids!! Magnets. Science for Children’ on YouTube for more facts and a selection of educational videos.
  • Using a magnet (you may have some fridge magnets at home) , go around your house and check which items are magnetic and non- magnetic.
  • Make a list of magnetic and non-magnetic items in your copy.
  • If you can access/download the ‘Window on the World Activity Book 1 e-book from www.edcolearning.ie please read and complete ‘Magnets’ p34-35 in your copy.






  • A lighthouse is a very tall building with a big lamp on top.
  • At night it lights up when everything around it is dark.
  • The lamp is like a big flashlight, lighting the way to land.
  • Ships see it from far away and it helps them find their way to shore.
  • Hook Lighthouse in Wexford is Ireland’s oldest working lighthouse and one of the oldest lighthouses in the world.
  • Look up ‘Milo,The Lighthouse’ and ‘Hook Head Lighthouse’ on YouTube.
  • If you can access/download the ‘Window on the World Activity Book 1 e-book from www.edcolearning.ie please read and complete  ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’’ p64-65 in your copy.



    Seán Dunne and Schools long ago:

  • Seán Dunne was an Irish poet, born in St. John’s Park in Waterford in 1956.
  • He went to primary school in Scoil Lorcáin and to secondary school in Mount Sion.
  • Seán then attended University College Cork (UCC) where he studied English.
  • He began writing poetry while still at school and he had several poetry books published.
  • Seán also became a journalist and newspaper editor.
  • He wrote about his childhood in a book called ‘My Father’s House’ which was a bestseller.
  • Our School Library is named after him.


  • Google ‘Seán Dunne’ on www.askaboutireland.ie
  • Look up ‘Irish Schools long ago’ on You Tube to see photos of what schools were like long ago.






  • www.growinlove.ie : To log in use the email trial@growinlove.ie and password: growinlove
  • Choose ‘First Class’ book; Theme 9 -’ Creation
  • Go back over the ‘Creation stories’ Parts 1, 2, and 3 in Lessons 1 and 2
  • Complete ‘God’s Creation’ (p50) and ‘God Created the World’ (p51) in your ‘Grow in Love’ workbook.





  • Draw or make a model of Hook Lighthouse.

(We would love to see what ye draw and make from these two activities so email your photos to us for the website!)






  • Hopefully we will be able to go to the beach from next week! It is very important that the boys are aware of the rules of Water Safety, especially during the summer months. Please look up ‘Beach safety for kids’ on You Tube for a selection of videos on this topic.