BT Young Scientist Exhibition

Yesterday we traveled to Dublin to see the RDS Science Exhibition. We left school at 7am, the journey was long and boring but eventually we arrived at the RDS. First we went into the Primary section of the fair. There were many things we learned there. One topic I found fascinating was “Can you move slime without touching it?”. The children at this stand made their own magnetic slime! There was another group that experimented putting different liquids on soil and they discovered that Guinness and Fairy Liquid actually help plants to grow!

Next we went to the Secondary School section. I tried a drink driving simulator. I was twisting, turning and drifting and I couldn’t see the lines on the road so I kept crashing! There were many stands in this section.

Next we went to a 3D short film called “A journey through space and time”. It turns out that there are stars twice the size of the solar system!

After that we went to another show called “The Ministry of Science”. The hosts were Mike and Sasha. They demonstrated a home-made hovercraft and our friend Patrick tested it out! Afterwards we saw experiments using liquid nitrogen. They made explosions that rattled the building and finally ended the show with oxygen and hydrogen explosions!

After that we went to “World of Robots” where we got to use some prototypes. R2-D2 and Dalek were the robots. Titan, Beast, Five and Koyote fought in a robot wars tournament. It was great!

We left Dublin at 1.15pm and we were wrecked! We arrived back at school around 3.45pm. I absolutely loved the day and I bet we all learned something new. Seán also made it onto the news holding a snake!!

Dziugas Svirskas