6th class – Mrs Landers – Term 1 is over!

6th class – Mrs Landers – Term 1 is over!
Hello from all of us in 6th class! We have been very busy this term. At the start of the year we went to visit GIY. We cooked with JB and John. We made savory scones and falafels . It was really fun! We visited the gardens and saw a wormery and picked some fresh organic vegetables. 

A few days later we started swimming in the Crystal Leisure Centre. Our last session in primary school 🙁 For our Active Flag we have been running laps of 100 metres in the yard. We also have taken in part in D.E.A.D – Drop everything and dance!! For Hallowe'en we dressed up as it was the last year we could.
In November we went to WIT for science week, we learned all about Thomas Eddison and gravity. It was a good day out. We also took part in a six week Social Eating Programme with GIY. They brought in hot meals for us to try. We had our last one this week, it was very festive with Christmas crackers! Thanks to all the parents that helped out. 
In December we were busy with 19th century projects in school and science projects at home. We had to research an invention and inventor. Darragh got 3rd place for his project on the Vietnamese war and Marie Curie, Seán came in second with his project on contact lenses and  Noah got first place with his modern airplanes project. Well done lads!
Our Christmas raffle was today (as I'm writing this), Adam K won 'Game of Life'.
Well that's all from us. We hope you all have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!!
Rhys Mongey