Learning Support – English

Learning Support – English
Mrs McGovern

18th-29th May  


Mrs McGovern can be contacted during school hours by emailing lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com 





How are you keeping? I hope you and your family are all well. 
The work attached is for the next fortnight. Please try and do your best to get through as much of it as possible. Its hard to keep motivated but every little bit helps toward getting on track for September. 
Comprehension (see pdf attachments)
Looking after a dog
Story: Big Game Adventure 
This is a choose your own adventure. On page 4, you can decide which mission to go on. If you choose to go to South America, you can learn about a boa constrictor. If you want to read about Asia, you can learn about the tiger and Africa is where you will read all about the Black Rhino.
Spellings from the story for this week from pages 2-3
Danger, goes, request, mission, breath, unconvinced.
Please choose your favourite animal from the story and type a short narrative piece about it, using your typing screen. Don’t forget to edit your work by checking spellings, grammar and punctuation as you type. Re-read long sentences and put in commas and full stops where they should go.
Use the following questions to guide you in your chosen topic. Remember, its a story so you can use the story you read to guide you, but you can also add on anything exciting you want to put in.
Name of animal.
Country of origin. 
What happened to the animal?
How did you save him?  
Is the animal safe now? Why/Why not?
Poetry -Limerick writing
A limerick is a funny poem. See if you can write your own.
Attached are four worksheets to help you write your own limerick. 
It must have eight syllables in each line, and it must be funny! 
Spellings for week 2 from the comprehension pieces
Leopards, different, mountains, stick, attention, forward.