Learning Support – English

Learning Support – English
Mrs McGovern

2nd -12th June

Mrs McGovern can be contacted during school hours by emailing lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com


How are you? I hope you are well and enjoying the sun! Its so close to the summer holidays now. 
I have put a list of books below with comprehension questions, but they’re only a guide. If you are not enjoying a book or it is too difficult you can one of the other links or lo onto.
www.oxfordowl.com or connect.collins.uk and regisier as a parent or student, whatever’s easiest for you.
Take care and keep smiling,
Kind regards, 
Mrs. McGovern 

Animals in War  is the first book. Its all about animals in the first and second world wars and how they helped people. 

Comprehension Questions:
1. What kinds of work did animals do in war time?
2. Where is the memorial to remember brave war animals?
Spellings: Carried, important, bombs, memorial and parachute 
This week I would like you to look up two of the spelling words in your dictionary (online or hardcopy) -memorial and parachute. 
There is also a worksheet attached as a pdf. 
Fire In the Sky 
1. How many missions had sergeant Norman Jackson survived?
2. What happened to his plane?
3. Where did Jackson fall? 
4. What was the name of the medal for bravery that Norman Jackson received?
PDF worksheet attached. 
Tigers in Trouble 
1. How many tigers are in the world today?
2. How many were there once?
3. Why is their habitat disappearing?
4. What are poachers?
5. What are reserves?
Spellings –habitat, nothing, poachers, medicine, nature reserve,  Please look up the underlined words on your online dictionary. 
PDF attached 
This book is quite long so it can be read over the second week or longer if you like.
Chapter 1 
1. How long had the notice or an assistant been up?
2  What did the little airship have printed in it?
Chapter 2. 
1. What did the first machine do?
2. What fir the second one do? 
Chapter 3. 
1. Where did the airship bring Doohickey? 
2. What was the professors latest invention?
3. What can it do?
4. What would you ask it to do? 
5. Who is Newton? 
Chapter 4 
1. What did Doohickey ask the robot to do? 
2. Did it work? 
3. Why not? 
Chapter 5
1. What did Dohickey do wit the hammer and nails?
2. What did the robot do to Newton?
Chapter 6
1. Why did Newton think the note was alright?
2. What did the robot do to the picture? 
Chapter 7
1. How did the professor feel when he saw the green paint?
2. Where was Newton sitting?
3. What did Dohickey have to do?