Learning Support – English

Learning Support – English
Mrs McGovern

18th-29th May  


Mrs McGovern can be contacted during school hours by emailing lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com 




Hello boys, how are you all doing? I hope you and your families are doing well.

Here is the English work for the next fortnight.
It have divided it into three different levels within each topic.
Do your best to do as much of it as you can. I know its hard to keep motivated but it all helps to get you ready for fifth class in September. Remember, you can contact me during school hours on my school email address.
Keep safe and keep smiling
Mrs McGovern 
Comprehension and cloze (fill in the gaps) pdf files attached
How to Look After A Dog 
All About Fish
The Sun
E books/Reading
1. Swamp Crash: 
Comprehension Questions
1. What is Max’s mission?
2. Where is the planet Kree-Marr?
3. What kind of planet is it, according to Ant?
Choose the correct synonyms for the words on page 5 -tranquil, noisy, dangerous.
4. Why did the ship crash?
5. What did the jellyfish monsters calls themselves?
6. Where they really after Nok, Cat, Tiger, Ant and Max? 
7. Who saved them in the end?
8. How did he get the power to save them?
If you liked this story, the follow up story “Space Ship Graveyard” is also available as an ebook through www.oxfordowl.co.uk
2. Alien Adventures:
Comprehension Questions:
1. What was in the silver box?
2. What happened when Ant’s watch for wet?
4, Which is your favourite watch? Why?
5. What did the children find on their school trip?
6. Where is Planet Exis?
7. Who are Nok’s Mum and Dad?
8. How many levels has Nok’s ship?
Design your own space ship like the one on page 24. Use the diagram to help you. Where would you go in your ship? How many levels has it?
3. Goal:
Comprehension questions:
1. What were Cat and Tiger doing?
2. Why couldn’t Nok play?
3. What was Max’s plan?
4. Who scored the first goal?
5. What happened to Nok?
6. How did Max, Tiger and Ant free Nok from the cobweb? 
Extra spellings for the week: verbs
Spellings for everyone
Continue with these high frequency words please -pick three every day.
Monday -rainbow writing
Tuesday- writing sentences.
Wednesday-pyramid words 
Thursday -look three words up in your dictionary or use the collins online dictionary to find their meaning
Narrative Writing 
This week we are focusing on narrative writing or story writing. Narrative writing is great fun as you can make up any story you like. just remember to plan out your writing first. You will find the story starter templates we have used in school, attached, along with ideas for your stories. 
Remember the most important thing is to 
1. Choose a character for example: An alien named Bob.
2. Choose a setting for example: the planet Mars 
3. Think of a problem or something exciting that is to happen; a trip outside the galaxy but Bob’s spaceship is broken. 
4. Think about how it will be solved-Who will help Bob, will he make a new spaceship using something he has at home or will he fix it using chewing gum and glue?
5. Give your story its ending, or conclusion. How did Bob fix or create his spaceship and where will he go now? 
Here is a poster to help you.
More ideas
Extra Worksheets