Learning Support – English

Learning Support – English
Mrs McGovern 
15th -26th June 

Mrs McGovern can be contacted during school hours by emailing lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com

Hello boys, 

I hope you are all well. As it’s our last two weeks of school now, I have included relaxation and colouring ideas as well as some fun games. You’ve worked really hard for a long time. You should be really proud of yourselves. It has been a challenge, but you did it!
Have a great summer everyone. It will be great to see you again in September.
Kind regards, 
Mrs McGovern 
Collaborative colouring -the whole family can do this on a rainy day!
Battleships Game
Escape Room Game 
You’ve been locked in Ms Casey’s classroom, can you escape, so you don’t have to spend the whole summer in school ?!?
See powerpoint attached.Clues and answers available on 
Memory Game -At the Beach 
Cut out the pieces-and take it in turns to hide them. Can you remember which one is missing each time? 
See how many you can hide at a time.
Mindfulness Colouring Sheets 
Please see inspirational mindfulness sheets  attached as a pdf 
Relaxation Ideas
Cosmic Yoga