Learning Support – English

Learning Support – English
Mrs McGovern

2nd -12th June 

Mrs McGovern can be contacted during school hours by emailing lmcgovern@scoillorcain.com



Hello boys, 

How are you all getting on? I have attached some fun activities, its hard to have to do school work, when the weather is so nice.
Do your best, that’s all you can do. 
The books below are some I thought you might enjoy but as always if you are able to go online and use the links on
www.oxfordreadingowl or connect.collins.uk you might find other books about things you enjoy reading about especially.
I have put the books into three different levels again,so just pick what suits you best.
If you need anything to be sent out or if you need help please let me know. Its no problem.
Take care,
Mrs McGovern 
Cool Cars
1. Which is your favourite car, why?
2. How many Bugatti Veyrons are there in the world? 
3. What is the name of the floating car? (What does this word also mean?)
Spelling words: wheels, three, steam, speed.
There is a worksheet attached below to design your own car cards. 
Mission Mars 
1. What is the Star ship Orca’s mission?
2. What did the astronaut think about the planet when he first saw it?
3. Was he correct? Why not?
There is a Mission Mars worksheet attached, where you can draw the story.
The Starfish
1. Where did the children go when they made themselves small?
2. What did they see?
3. How did they save the starfish
Spellings and vocabulary – The Beach sure, look, rock pool, weed, fish, chips 
There are pdf vocabulary word mats attached for “The Summer ” and “The Beach”. 
Amazing Escapes 
1. How did the parachuter survive his fall do you think? 
2. Did you know crocodiles had a nose?
Castle poems
1. Which is your favourite poem?
2. Why is it your favourite?
3. Find the poem with the most:
adjectives -describing words
prepositions-place words
False Alarms
1. What do Pip and Evan get to do, as super heroes of the day?
2. What was the clown doing?
3. How did the superheroes jump to the wrong conclusion about the clown?
4. What was the second “thief” really doing? 
5. What had Ray Ranter been doing?
Spellings wordsearch (available to print on www.twinkl.com -free access for parents during pandemic)
Can you find the words? 
Learn to spell three every day. They are tricky so take your time.
If you like you can use your copies to practice them:
Monday -rainbow writing
Tuesday- writing sentences.
Wednesday-pyramid words 
Thursday -look three words up in your dictionary or use the collins online dictionary to find their meaning