3rd Class Learning Support – English

Mrs M Power

20th April – 1st May

Mrs M Power can be contacted during school hours by emailing mpower@scoillorcain.com

Dear Parents/Guardians

I hope everyone is keeping safe and well at this time. Below are some activities for the two week period after Easter 20th April – 1st May 2020.  Please complete what you feel is possible of this work, there is no pressure to complete it all.

I hope you are enjoying our nice weather!

Many thanks,

Mrs. M. Power

 Mrs. M. Power 3rd Class English Learning Support

Please continue to read on a daily basis. There are a number of options available online at the moment. Collins Big Cat is a graded reading resource. It does require a log in but at present they are offering parents free access. I will leave login details below. When you have gained access, click on ‘Collins Big Cat’ on the right side, on the next page the books will be displayed and on the left you will be able to select a ‘band’ to read, I would suggest starting at ‘Turquoise’, if you feel this level is too easy or too hard please feel free to change level.

Please click on the link below and use the below details to log in.


Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Week 1


The below sentences are missing their punctuation and capital letters. Rewrite the sentences, adding what is missing.

1.    the curtains were closed and the room was dark

2.    the bucket was full of shells and driftwood

3.    the rabbit escapes from its hutch

4.    he takes a sip from the tall glass

Finish these sentences. Use the word ‘I’.

1.               found the treasure but then                                                  .

2.    When             saw their ship it                                                       .

3.               saw a shark and                                                                 .

4.               have a wooden leg because                                                   .

5.    The coconut fell on me and                                                             .

Reading Comprehension

Molly’s Birthday Wish

Last Friday was my birthday.  When I came downstairs, Mum and Dad said, ‘Happy Birthday, Molly!’  At school, I asked my best friends to my party.

When I came home, Dad was baking a cake.  When he took the cake out of the oven, it was down in the middle and looked a bit funny.  He decorated it to make it look better.  Then he wrote my name on it with icing. At six o’clock, my friends arrived.  We played in the garden and are some lovely treats.  Next, Granny came.  She gave me a card and some money because she didn’t know what to buy me.  Mum lit the eight candles on the cake and everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’.  I blew out the candles and made a wish.  I always wish for a pet but my wishes don’t seem to come true. Later that evening, when the house was quiet again, Mum and Dad came in with two big boxes.  There was noise coming from one box.  I opened it carefully.  Inside, there was a fluffy white rabbit.  I was so happy I almost screamed but I didn’t want to scare my new pet. Right away, I named him Bugs.  In the other box, there was a wooden hutch for Bugs to live in.  I gave Mum and Dad a hug.As I lay in bed that night, I thought to myself that some wishes do come true. Questions: 1.    What presents did Molly get for her birthday? 2.    At what time did her friends come to her party? 3.    What was Molly’s wish? 4.    Why did Granny not buy Molly a birthday present? 5.    Do you think Molly was happy with her present from Mum and Dad? Remember to use full sentences with capital letters and full stops when answering these questions. Design a Thank You card. Write a note from Molly to her Granny thanking her for the card and birthday present. 
Week 2The below sentences are missing their punctuation and capital letters. Rewrite the sentences, adding what is missing.

1.    she opened the book on the first page

2.    the bear crawls back into its cave

3.    sam plays his favourite song

4.    she walked to the shop yesterday

5.    the boy ran across the park

The Right Order.

The words in sentence must be in the correct order.

E.G. Eyes never close their frogs. Frogs never close their eyes.

Tick ( √ ) each sentence where the words are in the correct order.

1.    Joe is at school. School is at Joe. 
2.    A book read John. John read a book. 
3.    A pen has Emma. Emma has a pen. 
4.    Hanna caught a fish. A fish caught Hanna. 
5.    A horse is on Jack. Jack is on a horse. 

Reading Comprehension

Max’s Best FriendMax sat by the window looking at the street.  Soon his best friend would be home.  It would be the most fun time of the day.  Then the school bus came and Alexander got off the bus, came up the walk and into the house.   Max’s tail was already wagging to greet Alexander. Alexander gave Max a big hug and said, “I’m hungry!  Are you ready for our snack?”  Max didn’t answer.  He just followed Alexander to the kitchen.   Alexander ate a banana and gave Max a small biscuit.  Then Alexander put on his play clothes and the two buddies went outside to play together.  They played for a long time until Alexander said, “Come on Max, we better do some homework before supper.”   Max wanted to play some more but he was happy to help with homework as long as he could be with his best friend.  Write the correct answer into your copy book. Try to incorporate the answer into a complete sentence.    1.    Where was Max waiting?   a. By the window b. By the door c. In the living room   2.    When does Max have the most fun?   a. In the morning b. In the afternoon c. In the evening

3.    When Alexander came home, what did he do first?

a. Change his clothes

b. Get a snack

c. Hug Max

4.    What did Alexander have for a snack?

a. Biscuit

b. Banana

c. Cookie

5. Why did Alexander and Max stop playing?

a. To do homework

b. They were tired

c. It was time for supper