2nd Class Plan of Work

2nd Class Plan of Work

2nd Class

2 Week Plan

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have put together work for two weeks. These are just some suggestions for English, Maths and SESE. You can choose to do some of these activities each day with your child. Most of the links are from websites called www.cjfallon.ie and www.twinkl.ie. Both have made their websites free for parents to access e-books of school textbooks and other worksheets.

Kind Regards,

Ms. Farrelly and Mrs. Murphy



Phonics (Sounds)

  • -ice, -ike, -ole, -oke, -ite.
  • Complete pages 54+ 55 in Spellbound 2. Write answers onto sheet of paper. https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/index/1385/56 (if link does not work simply log into www.cjfallon.ie and click student resources.)
  • If you cannot access Spellbound just come up with 8 words for each sound and put some into sentences.

Reading and Comprehension

Cloze Test (Fill in the blanks)






Maths Word Problem Sheet

Name _____________________            RUDE               



1.     Tom baked 20 buns. Mary ate 7 of them.

How many were left?






2.     Tim had 15 stickers. His mam gave him another 23. How many had he now?





3.       Kelly ran 17 laps on Monday. She ran another 13 on Tuesday. How many laps did you run in total?




4.       What is the difference between 24 and 5?





5.       The girl has 13 red toys and 21 blue toys. How many toys had she altogether?



6.       Timmy bought 16 seeds. He planted 7 of them. How many did he have left?




7.       There were 41 Waterford fans and 39 Cork fans at the match.

How many were at the match in total?




8.       Mary has 13 sweets. Tom has 2 more than Mary. How many sweets had Tom?




Extra Maths Sheets